What does what happens to Donovan Mitchell trade affect the Milwaukee Bucks?

It was reported on Thursday afternoon that Donovan Mitchell was indeed traded and in no way to the New York Knicks as previously speculated, but with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers. What does this have to do with have to do with what's happening with the Milwaukee Bucks? It's possible to disregard this information as not impacting the Bucks however it is.

Although there isn't much discussed about the divisional alignment in the NBA the same way as it is with the NFL or MLB however, it's an element in the scheduling process and that's why it is important.

There are two teams in the Eastern Conference: Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers are both located in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference as are the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls

That means Donovan Mitchell being traded to the Cavaliers means that the Milwaukee Bucks will have to play Mitchell twice at a time,

ranging from playing twice per year when part of the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference and now playing four times during the season as a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Bucks and their new look Cavaliers will have a good relationship at the beginning of the season. two games in Milwaukee are scheduled for

November 16th and November 25th and the two other games taking place on December 21st, and 21st of January, the two games being in Cleveland.

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