“The Kardashians”: Khloe Says Tristan Thompson “Inspired” an Embryo Transfer Prior to the Paternity Scandal

The first season concluded with Khloe discovering the shocking information she was Tristan was expecting the baby with another woman.

In the premiere of season 2 she reveals that in the recorded phone call to her sibling Kim Kardashian she mentioned that she’d experienced an embryo transfer a couple of days after the story broke.

. She was in hope of having another child through surrogate.

In the wake of her realization her that Khloe reveals that she “wasn’t ready” to talk about the issue at the moment, Khloe decides to rip off the Band-Aid and begin to dive into the whole thing in this first episode.

It jumps into the future, a few years ahead of the remainder episodes of season. “It’s such a dark cloud around something that’s supposed to be so joyous,” Khloe states, appearing to be lost for most of the show.

“I was definitely very angry, and I think feeling bamboozled,” Khloe says about her ex. “All I know is I was being encouraged to do [the embryo transfer] by a certain date.”

Khloe continues to assert she knew Tristan was aware that the baby was his with Maralee Nichols, while insisting Khloe to continue in the surrogacy process.