Surprise!!! Surprise! Blake Lively is pregnant with the Fourth Baby with Ryan Reynolds

Blake attended the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit in NYC on Thursday. She posed for photos and proudly showed off her newest addition to the family.

Witnesses at Blake’s event told TMZ that Blake was only allowed to take a few photos. They also said it would be a sensitive shoot and they would know why she walks down the red carpet.

They were right, boy! Blake is clearly pregnant, although it’s not clear how far along she’s at this point.

Blake shared a picture of a swimsuit a few weeks back — although we don’t know the date — and there wasn’t a bump in it.

This may have been intended to make people forget about the big reveal.

Blake and Ryan already have three children together — 7-year old James, 5-yearold Inez, 2 year-old Betty, and 5 years-old Inez.