Overwatch 2: It Will Take New Players About 100 Matches To Unlock All Original Heroes

Overwatch 2 players new to the series will have to unlock the original characters, meaning that cast won't be available on day one.

This news comes from a new Overwatch 2 blog post, as reported by Destructoid. In it, Blizzard says a consistent piece of feedback it has received is that...

new players feel overwhelmed by Overwatch's hero pool and various modes. As such, the team has implemented a new First Time User Experience, or FTUE, designed for Overwatch 2 players who have never played Overwatch.

The new FTUE addresses that feedback directly. In phase one, players will need to unlock the game's modes and chat functions – this happens "rapidly," Blizzard writes

in the blog post. Then, in phase two, players will unlock the original Overwatch heroes by playing "approximately 100 matches," according to Destructoid

It's important to note this is just for the original game's heroes – new heroes will be unlocked through Overwatch 2's battle pass system.

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