EVGA is reportedly so tired of Nvidia’s work that it will stop making graphics cards.

EVGA, one of the largest manufacturers of Nvidia-based GPU cards, has stopped making them. However, the news is more:

EVGA CEO Andrew Han stated to Gamers Nexus (opens in new tab) that the California-based company will not only stop making graphics cards, but that it will also be using the next generation Nvidia chips.

EVGA has been producing graphics cards since 1999 when it was founded. However, Han says that he wouldn’t entertain....

the idea of working alongside Intel or AMD to continue making cards.

According to both sources, EVGA’s decision was at least partly motivated by frustration at Nvidia’s treatment. Gamers Nexus stated that it is “about respect.” Graphics cards account for 80% of EVGA’s business

However, it does not plan to shut down its operations because of the split with Nvidia

Gamers Nexus was told by EVGA that they don’t have any layoffs. After EVGA has sold off its stock of RTX 30-series graphics cards, the company will concentrate on its other products which include power supplies and motherboards.