Kevin Durant quote summarizes flows around Nets impeccably

In the low-stress climate of NBA instructional course and preseason games, it's all little dogs and rainbows in Brooklyn.

Ben Simmons is picking his spots and being forceful, Kyrie Irving's handles are still awe-inspiring, Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant, and there's no pressure about whether Royce O'Neal or Joe Harris ought to begin.

Durant was gotten some information about those instructional course flows and offered a response that summarizes this Nets season impeccably (through Brian Lewis of the New York Post).


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It's the inquiry everybody has about the Nets — what happens when affliction hits? Albeit this list has the ability to fight, does it have the psychological strength?

That is especially valid for Ben Simmons, who recently appeared to wither under season finisher tension. Durant additionally discussed Simmons and developing his certainty, by means of Scratch Friedell of ESPN.

"Simply trust in him," Durant said, when asked how he might keep Simmons' hostile certainty up. "Pass him the ball when he's open, advise him to be forceful. I don't do excessively. Haven't arrived to be minding. 

Can't wait to listen to

That's what ben knows whether he has a chance to be forceful, go be forceful. Who gives a s — in the event that you make it or miss it? We very much like you being forceful.

 [He can] let me know exactly the same thing, so we're continuously taking care of one another that kind of energy, support."

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Simmons has been forceful, however it's preseason (and the Nets are 0-2). Little dogs and rainbows. We're trusting that things will get genuine.