Joel Embiid scores a record 59 point victory to lead Philadelphia 76ers past Utah Jazz

Joel Embiid put forth the best performance of the season to lead the Philadelphia 76ers' 105-98 win over the Utah Jazz on Sunday

The 28-year old flirted with a quadruple double, scoring a staggering 59 points, more than half of his team's total, while adding 11 rebounds and eight assists to go along with seven blocked shots.

He was the first player to score 50 points and 10 boards in the NBA records. Since 1973 blocks have been an official statistic.

His remarkable performance was also the fifth highest scoring performance in the 76ers franchise's history, behind only Wilt chamberlain and Allen Iverson.

Embiid said after the game that "those are two legends who played here" and that he respected them a lot.

"To be in this company means a lot to me, but I still have a long way ahead."

This is a remarkable weekend for Embiid, who scored 42 points in Saturday's win over Atlanta Hawks.

The fact that he was still recovering from illness makes his demolition job even more impressive.

"My teammates knew who had a hot hand, and they just had have to feed me," Embiid explained, thanking his team.

Embiid's dominance was evident in the fourth quarter, scoring 26 of 27 points for his team.

Doc Rivers, 76ers coach, said to reporters that he had never witnessed a more dominant performance when combining defense and offense.

After much-needed rest, Embiid will be able to continue his incredible scoring streak against the Milwaukee Bucks.