Gundam Evolution: hiding a spy from Team Fortress 2

Gundam Evolutionoffers many gameplay experiences that are inspired by the pioneering titles of the hero-shooter genre.

However, one of the most talked about Mobile Suits is based on a particular Team Fortress 2 mercenary.

During its network testing Gundam Evolution offered 14 Mobile Suits that allowed for fine-tuned gunplay. For Full Story Click On Learn More Button

Gundam Barbatos was the suit that caught the most attention and ire of many players. While it is easy to tell the difference between TF2's French expert in subterfugee and the star of Mobile Suit Gundam, Iron-Blooded Orphans, their gameplay functions are strikingly similar.

Similar to Overwatch a hero shooter, Gundam Evolution focuses on team-versus-team skirmishes, with various objectives often related to control points. Gundam Barbatos, one of the two melee-oriented Mobile Suits in the game,....

is able to shut down almost every Mobile Suit within seconds by using two powerful melee stuns. Combining these abilities with Barbatos'

large boost gauge that allows it to close the distance, drew much fan frustration at the Mobile Suit's ability to quickly run up to enemies and instantly destroy them.