Tropical Depression Nine forms, is on the earliest path towards Florida as it develops into a hurricane

The tropical depression is now forming in the Caribbean and, while the path may shift, Florida was in the forecast cone in the early morning of Friday.

Tropical Depression Nine formed overnight Friday in the southeast Caribbean and is now on an upward trajectory to be threatening Florida as a hurricane later this week.

On Friday, at 5 a.m. The system was able to sustain maximum sustained winds at 35 mph with greater gusts -- and was located approximately 600 miles to the east and south of Jamaica

It was moving north-west and west at 13 mph, as per the National Hurricane Center.

Megan Borowski, with the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network Megan Borowski, with the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, said it's too early to establish the storm's future direction.

Tropical Depression Nine is a weak group of thunderstorms located north of the Venezuelan coast and south of Hispaniola," Borowski said. "Over in the coming days,

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