Don't get any anymore Dahmer 5 reasons why the Netflix show "Monster" might actually be worth your time

We've all seen enough of the famous serial killer's case , and its often-gauche retellings that are featured in the media. But the new Netflix series could be worth a dive into Dahmer.

With the crime documentaries trend of the last few decades, it's difficult to believe that the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer case has been largely hidden away.

This is until today when Netflix has just released a brand new mini-seriescalled "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," about the serial killer's murder case that stunned Milwaukee and the rest of the country.

With the gruesome information and its national renown it is possible that viewers will be sucked into this new Jeffrey Dahmer saga.

The show is available on streaming services at a time when the media's fascination with grisly twists and turns is becoming to be getting more and more boring, sometimes nearing the point of being bland

Milwaukee fans might find it more than most who have endured the lingering shadow of Dahmer for decades on the streets of Milwaukee.

In addition, the filmic retellings of the story often varied from poor to worse and in some cases, even with Disney teens.

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