Donald J Trump Document Inquiry Poses Unparalleled Test for Justice Department

as Justice Division officers haggled for months this year in the past with President Trump.

Trump's legal experts and his aides regarding the return of his presidential papers at his Florida home federal prosecutors began to feel they weren't getting to know the whole truth.

The conclusion was a catalyst for the direction of a decision that could result in an unrivalled review of the Justice Department's credibility in a highly polarized political climate:

to pursue an indictment to gain access to Mar-a-Lago and to retrieve what they believed to be highly classified materials, far beyond many pages the president. Trump had already returned

According to the federal government's account the gamble was rewarded and resulted in F.B.I. agents dragging away boxes of sensitive materials during....

this investigation over the course of three weeks and also some papers that had highly classified indications.

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