The kid who was able to catch Aaron Judge's 60th home run could be the purest fan of baseball alive

At the end of Tuesday's game at Yankee Stadium, Aaron Judge was one strike away of hitting his 60th homer of the year...

which would make him the sixth player who have accomplished this feat. The final ball that flew over the fence very valuable, and...

made left field the best place that should be located in Bronx since that's the area the area where Judge hits the most of his homers this year.

Naturally, all kinds of dollar figures were used in the world of Darren Rovells of online world.

What would the ball be worth? $20,000? $100,000? $500,000? $1 million? Dr. Evil voice ONE BILLION DOLLARS?!?!?!? Okay,

it wasn't going to be a billiondollars, but seven-figures and six figures are not possible for the person who emerged from the scrum carrying the ball. click on learn more for full news