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Wild stats demonstrate the extent to which 49ers defense have been

in the in the 2022 NFL season , 49ers defense was predicted to be the best in 2022, and as it turns out the 49ers have performed just as they claimed. C

After five games, one statistic illustrates how strong the 49ers defense has been up to this point.

Two touchdowns were scored during the 49ers in their Week 1 defeat against Chicago Bears. Chicago Bears, with Justin Fields being the sole quarterback to throw an interception pass to the San Francisco defense. In addition, following their disappointing week 5 victory against their opponents the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, the 49ers defense has now scored two defensive touchdowns to their name this season.

Safety Talanoa Hufanga scored a defensive touchdown after he intercepted an attempted pass from Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford during the 49ers week 4 victory. Emmanuel Moseley had the second touchdown in the 49ers victory against The Panthers in Sunday’s game.

Being among the NFL’s top defensive teams through the three-quarters of the way through The 49ers must take on the absence of Moseley who is believed to have torn his ACL during the game against the Panthers according to the coach Kyle Shanahan.

However it is expected that the 49ers defence is likely to be an elite unit regardless of the injuries.

As San Francisco gets the offense together Their defense will keep them playing and, in some instances, even make sure that they don’t throw some matches to the side.



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