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“Who’s got a s**if you do it or fail to make it Kevin Durant’s message for Ben Simmons on aggressiveness

Ben Simmons took just three shots in the Brooklyn Nets’ 109-80 preseason defeat in the preseason to Miami Heat last week. Simmons, a three-time All-Star struggled to establish his groove with an undermanned Nets team in his second appearance after a 470-day layoff.

Simmons his inactivity during the just 25 minutes was evident. Simmons, who was the first pick in the draft, was not as confident when it comes to attacking the rim or making contact offensively during the Nets the initial two games of preseason. It was expected to happen to an extent as Simmons becomes re-acquainted to NBA playing. This is not simply a matter of mental health for the 26-year-old since he has just completed a back surgery in the offseason. The head coach Steve Nash said the team must be accommodating and patient with Simmons throughout the process.

“The number one thing is to support him and be there for him, give him belief,” Nash stated. We all have faith in Nash. We believe that he’ll be a big success. Give him the time. It’s important to keep patience with him. We would like to see it happen fast However, should it doesn’t happen, just keep working and remain calm and provide him with that faith because it’sn’t straightforward, but I don’t have enough words to say that.”

“You have to understand he’s gone through a lot,” he said. “This is almost a year and a half ago since when he’s been playing, in addition to the operation, which isn’t an insignificant thing. It’s not just for basketball players, but for anyone else to have the same level of absence from their actual sports is a huge challenge.”

However, questions about Simmons’s mentality could ramp up if his approach of passiveness is not addressed in the initial week of the season. Simmons is a skilled creator for his teammates has been a most frequently discussed aspect when evaluating his role in Brooklyn. Being a part of the team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can be a bit less challenging due to the requirement for scoring. However, Nash was firm Wednesday in his comments on the mentality Simmons will carry to practice.

“Ben’s gotta be aggressive,” Nash stated. “That’s where the playmaking begins. If you’re not pushing playing with your hands, the process becomes more difficult. If you’re trying to apply an excessive amount of pressure onto the edge it’s when playmaking becomes effortless. Rebringing him back to his burst, that athleticism, the ability to beat physical opponents and that’s an integral part of his playing.”

“He’s not just gonna come down and put his back to people and zip balls around the gym,” the coach continued. “He’s gotta break the paint and make plays, whether it’s in transition or in the halfcourt.”

Ben Simmons acknowledged the need for his team to be more assertive after the game, saying that the team “needs to be more of a balance” between his shooting and passing, and “three shots definitely is not enough”. Durant was the primary offensive force against Miami and scored 22 points while shooting 8/12. If asked how he can assist Simmons improve his confidence in the offensive game, Durant said he emphasizes an aggressive approach towards Simmons and his teammates practice all over the place.

“Just trust in him, pass him the ball when he’s open, tell him to be aggressive,” Durant told reporters. “I mean, I don’t do too much. In fact I’m not here for take care of anyone’s baby. Ben is aware that if there’s the chance to do something assertive, then go for it. What’s the point whether you succeed or fail to make it? We like it when you’re in a hurry, and my husband has the exact same opinion.”

“So we’re always feeding each other that type of energy and encouragement,” He added. “From myself to him, to Kai (Irving) and from Cam (Thomas) and finally Patty (Mills) We’re constantly talking to one another about ‘look, we have to get more aggressive in our try to score the ball. That’s what I’m saying it’s the essence of the game, getting the ball into the hoop. Therefore, if Ben is determined to get downhill, and then looks around for everyone and places the ball on the rim, it’s going to be good for the team. It’s not necessary to explain this to him every single day. He’s aware of it.”

As with Nash’s comments Durant acknowledged that it will be a while in order for Ben Simmons to regain his active style. The 12-time All-Star stated that it is important to stack reps and gain an knowledge of his job will allow his new teammate to build confidence and more than anything else.

“I think he’s building his confidence,” Durant declared. “He is aware that we can all are confident in him, but he’s only getting those practice sessions into his repertoire. Nothing is more exciting than playing in an NBA game. You can exercise as well as train, and then play all you want, but there’s impossible to play in a uniform under the lights.

“So it’s just about getting reps and feeling confident as each day goes by and realizing what he brings to the team,” said he added. “I think that’s the underrated part about being a pro, is once you find out your role things are pretty easy for you.”



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