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Warriors swap James Wiseman; Hawks get Saddiq Beyoncé

The Golden State Warriors traded center James Wiseman to the Detroit Pistons in the multiteam deal that saw Saddiq Begye for Atlanta Hawks and Saddiq Bey to the Atlanta Hawks and Gary Payton II from the Portland Trail Blazers back to the Warriors the teams announced on Thursday.

The Hawks gave five second-round picks to the Warriors to purchase Bey. For forward Kevin Knox was traded from the Pistons to the Warriors and then the Warriors rerouted Knox as well as five second-rounders to Trail Blazers for Payton.

The Warriors will save around $7 million in tax on luxury this year following trading on Thursday — and another $30 million by 2023-2024.

The injured Wiseman 21 was dropped out of the team’s rotation of the Warriors this season, scoring 6.9 scores and 3.5 rebound. He was taken for the G League for seven games in November following a struggle early in the season. He was then forced to miss another 15 games because of an ankle injury . He was only active in two games since then, scoring 15 points in just 21 minutes.

The No. 2 selection in the 2020 draft was able to play only 60 games for the Warriors which is the fourth-lowest number of number of games played by the top two selection to make their debut with an NBA club in NBA history as per Elias Sports Bureau.

Moving To Wiseman

James Wiseman ended up playing only 60 games for the Warriors that’s the fourth-lowest number of games played by the top two picks for his first team.

Wiseman hasn’t played in a full basketball game in four years. He played in just three games in Memphis in 2019-20. He suffered a meniscus tear during his first NBA season, and was then confronted with many problems that kept him out for the entire 2021-22 season.

Payton 30 was averaged 3.7 scores and 2.6 rebound throughout 14 contests in 14 games for Portland during the season. He is back at Golden State, where he played in the previous two seasons and set career-highs in the last one with an average that were 7.1 points as well as 3.5 rebounding in seven games.

Bey is a forward who shoots sharply in his third season following being selected by the number. 19, overall, in 2020’s NBA draft. He’s the only player from Pistons history to hit 100 3-pointers during each of his three initial NBA seasons.

Atlanta is ranked 28th for the number of 3-pointers shot per game during the current season.

Bey 23 averages nearly fifteen points per contest, while shooting 34.5 percent in 5.6 threes per game. After playing in every game during the year, Bey is in or out Dwane Casey’s starting team this season.

The Hawks also made another move to cut costs Thursday by trade Justin Holiday and Frank Kaminsky to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Garrison Matthews and Bruno Fernando. The Rockets made the announcement on Thursday evening.

Knox 23, who was the ninth pick overall from the draft of 2018 of the New York Knicks, is headed to Portland after scoring 5.8 points as well as 2.6 rebound per game in the 41 games this season. He spent four seasons with the Knicks in New York before spending the 2021-22 season with the Hawks.



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