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Warriors’ Draymond Green on incident: Fan said ‘some threatening things on my behalf’

Green’s incident occurred during the third quarter of the season.

The Golden State Warriors had a fierce game in the match against The Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night.

In addition to Coach Steve Kerr and guard Stephen Curry getting technical fouls for calling for argument, Draymond Green got into the fight with an Bucks fan and was removed off the court. Green, a four-time All-Star was seen on the television broadcast having an argument with a courtside fan during the 3rd quarter.

The fan was kicked out following a discussion between Green along with the official had spoken. The official sat down with his colleagues and had the fan ejected. Green informed reporters that the fan had said “some threats on my behalf.”

“I was close to returning and diving in all the way But I went back and informed the official. When I informed an official about it, the official told me”He’s got going to have to leave this”” The Warriors star added.

“There aren’t any real consequences. It’s true that you cannot come back and play again and even if get arrested, nothing occurs,” Green added, via ESPN. “You only hope it gets to the point where these leagues are able to cooperate with legislators to enforce laws. Because the only thing that can end up resolving the issue is if you’re aware of there’s a real possibility that something will occur in your life.”

The Bucks stated that they were conducting an investigation into the incident and were in consultation with NBA.

“Under the discretion of the referee, we are investigating the matter and are in talks on the matter with NBA,” the team declared.



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