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Vikings CB Patrick Peterson relishes victory over Cardinals

MINNEAPOLIS — Never underestimate a revenge game for Patrick Peterson.

Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings cornerback was primed to face the Arizona Cardinals, for whom Peterson played for the beginning of the decade. Peterson was also announcing his intentions to the Cardinals. Peterson informed the Cardinals about it, both before and after the Vikings winning 34-26 in U.S. Bank Stadium.

Peterson took three of his passes off and ridiculed Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray during a game-time dance and afterwards made it clear that he is still unhappy with the way his time was ended in Arizona.

“I’m still waiting on [general manager] Steve Keim to call me,” Peterson said. Peterson who quit the Cardinals following the season in 2020. “Still haven’t talked to him.”

Peterson disclosed that he often found scathing fan emails printed and left on his desk during his final season within the Cardinals locker room. According to Peterson the messages were sent to the team’s owners, with messages that varied from his age and ability to tackle, and threats of cancelling season ticket so long as he was in the team.

Peterson claimed his experience seemed “mind-boggling” to him that somebody — possibly part of the Cardinals organization and would be passing on these messages. Peterson said he thought, “What did I do to deserve this from a fan?”

The Cardinals did not immediately reply to a request for comments.

Peterson was seen smiling at Peterson shook his head with Cardinals on the sideline during all of their game. When the safety Harrison Smith intercepted Murray near midfield in the third quarter Peterson started to celebrate even though Smith kept returning the ball to the sideline. If asked to identify this dance Peterson stated: “I think it was Call of Duty. Is that what they call it? Modern Warfare? I’m not a gamer. I don’t know anything about video games. I just heard that game just came out.”

Murray is famous for being a massive player for the sport. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” was released on last Friday.

Peterson has now broken six passes during the Vikings during the past two games following to break up four passes in the first five games. Peterson has said he’s determined to show the whole NFL that, at 32 and just four years from the last Pro Bowl, “I still got it.”

He continued: “All I heard the last two years was “He’s washed and done. I’m sure we’ve an entire second portion of the season to be completed, but I’m just getting going. It’s like I’m on my way at the moment. I’m on the right track. It’s been a while since I’ve had this experience and I know how to stay there. And I’d like to be challenged for the next two years, and help this team win games.

“Because I promise you this, if I get challenged, I will show up on the stat sheet. And that’s why I’ve been missing out on Pro Bowls and All-Pros. I’m here. Twelve years in and I’m still standing strong.”



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