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The nine long seasons: Beat Tottenham & Arsenal will show they are able to go on

It takes more than nine years in order to find the last time Arsenal won a league match at Spurs and Tomas’s thunderbolt secured the victory with a goal in the month of March 2014.

Since then, Arsenal have attempted eight times to earn glory at the house to their northern London opponents, and have failed on every occasion, losing six times and drawing twice. Two points are taken from the potential 24.

North London tends to be red when the two teams clash in the Emirates. However, when the derby is played at Tottenham and the weather is white, it’s been that way for quite a while now.

This is even more than when Arsenal took a short drive across to the Seven Sisters Road at the close of the season.

Mikel Arteta’s team went into the game with the expectation that a win will assure the team Champions League football at their neighbor’s expense.

However, they blundered their lines with a stunning style, and fell 3-1 in a match that saw them reduced 10 men in less than one-half hour after the red card of Rob Holding.

Tottenham took over the fourth position The club finished fourth, while Arsenal being forced to settle for a second campaign within the Europa League.

It was an enormous opportunity that was not taken advantage of and is one of the most recent in the series of derby-related disasters that have landed Arsenal in the absence of the Emirates.

“There’s lots to take away from that, and a many things to learn from this,” Arteta said, as he reflected back to the painful loss.

“It was a difficult day, particularly how the game progressed and the actual events. It is true that you gain a lot from tough situations which we definitely did.

“We’re in a completely different position right now, but we’ll need to prove that by doing what we want to be playing.”

Three northern London rivalries during the Premier League since Spurs moved to their new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Arsenal have not yet scored one point, having lost in all three games, while scoring one point.

They’ll be waiting for them on Sunday afternoon, as they head across the capital to ensure they remain in the Premier League.

Arteta’s team has passed nearly every test that has been thrown to them this season. However, Sunday could be their most challenging yet.

Victory could be a message that few would be able to overlook.

It could be the last confirmation necessary to show the fact that this Arsenal team is not like the others. They could be able to go all the way.

“We aren’t winning which is why this is the task that lies before us,” said Arteta.

“It’s among the most important game of the year for us. We are aware of what it means to our position on the league table, and what it will mean for our fans as well.

“We’re going to need focus on doing our best and do everything we can to do to win the game.

“That’s the problem we’re facing. We must beat them at their own game. That’s how we’ve made our game.”

One of the main aspects to watch out for at Arsenal on Sunday is keeping their emotions under control at all times – on the field as well as on the touchline.

Arteta has been the subject of some harsh criticism in recent times due to his behaviour in particular after his draw against Newcastle where his behavior toward four officials was extensively criticised.

There has been speculation that his impulsive and unpredictable behaviour on the field could be a negative influence on his team , a notion which has been fueled by the reality that Arsenal have been hit with multiple charges from the Football Association for the conduct of their players in the match against Newcastle as well as Oxford United.

Arteta’s team simply cannot afford to be a loser in the midst of this derby.

They did it the previous time at Tottenham and cost the most and Holding’s red card scuttling any hopes of a win.

Making sure that they don’t repeat the same mistake this time around is vital to getting their bad run to an end in the same stadium as their opponents.

“We must defend ourselves, and we must take the lead in this game in the enthusiasm that it and the club merit,” Arteta said.

“And we have to be competitive. This is for certain. The law is in place and at the same time taking care of the opponents and referees.

“I take great care of the image that the team has. Mine is something I am unable to manage. I am who I am.

“It’s true that I do really care, but I do much more when I’m at home. I am concerned about my wife’s needs and things you don’t get to see. However, when I’m in the public spotlight, I consider what I can do to be the best for the cluband how I can protect the players. That’s my job.”



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