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The Nets’ Ben Simmons booed, lost in Philly homecoming, 115-106

PHILADELPHIA — – Ben Simmons shrugged off the applause that erupted from the Philly crowd every time the mercurial guard stepped up to handle the ball.

They Nets guard even begged fans once more over their remark about one of the most hated former Philly players in the history of sports.

“I believed it was going to get more raud,” Simmons said.

Tobias Harris scored 24 points and the Philadelphia 76ers, a lively team with out Joel Embiid and James Harden caused a hiccup at Simmons the homecoming of Simmons by claiming a 115-106 victory against Brooklyn in a game on the night of Tuesday.

“I think this is a major victory to us all,” Harris said. “I knew before the game that we were going to be able to show this kind of enthusiasm and excitement for the game.”

There was a lot of excitement as the doors opened, anticipating of Simmons returning. Simmons scored 11 points with 11 assists and seven rebounds, to the tune of constant applause. Simmons even played a game-ending fade that is familiar for the Sixers. Simmons didn’t even attempt to shoot and was scoreless in the fourth quarter and had only two points in second half.

Kyrie Irving was 23-point scoring, while Kevin Durant had 20 before coach Jacque Vaughn eliminated his starting lineup just 3 minutes into the game.

“Everybody wants to see their squad fail.” Durant said. “Nobody likes Ben. Nobody likes Ky. Nobody likes myself.”

The marquee matchup that was expected was ruined by Embiid suffering a strain to his left ankle, Harden is still sidelined with an injury to his tendon right foot, and the starting guard Tyrese Maxey out as well with an injured left foot.

Embiid Simmons. Simmons will have to sit out.

Simmons Vs. Simmons. the 76ers fans was pretty decent.

Simmons was taunted, was given the flagrant penalty, drew a slap at the crowd of 20,184 with an open shot, and Jordan-shook his head after hitting free throws. Most important to a player who’s suffered from mental health issues, Simmons played with poise when boos were thrown at Simmons throughout the 32-minute span.

“I think I’m at a good point,” Simmons said. “I’m happy. It’s what I enjoy. Being out there and experience that was awe-inspiring.”

He had already racked up three assists when he took to the free-throw line at the beginning of the game. Simmons was heckled but did not appear rattled, and sank both of his baskets. Simmons was able to lay up an unilateral layup a few after his bucket for the first time.

Sixers fans were mostly polite except for the brief “(expletive) Ben Simmons!” chants . They also most of them saved the four-letter word for the inside of their former jerseys. 25 jerseys.

Simmons and sixth-year Sixer Georges Niang tussled late in the first half . Niang offered an old teammate slight stiff-arm, which led to the player a technical violation.

Harden could not believe the announcement coming from his bench. The owner of the Sixers Josh Harris looked appalled.

Simmons failed to make the technical free throw, and the crowd was roaring as loud as it did throughout the game. Simmons however, smashed the court to steal and then passed the ball loose to Durant to make an empty bucket.

The Sixers maintained an advantage of 63-57 at the break.

There weren’t any jeers during the entire game. Simmons did get fans of the 76ers to get awed after he failed to make consecutive free shots in the second half and led to a free fast food chicken promotion.

“I believed he was in the attack mode, he was aggressive and displayed some poise over the duration of the night,” Vaughn said. “The ability to overcome and put the blame off him was really great.”

Simmons Averaged 15.9 scores, 8.1 rebound and 7.7 assists in four seasons with Philadelphia who made him a draft pick from LSU in which he played in just one game. His constant headaches including his inability to shoot further than 15 feet, was more than his innate ability to playmaker and defend. Simmons had a bad relations with the Sixers was strained following the 2021 playoffs. He requested a trade.

Simmons returned in a surprising fashion to the Sixers just before the season began, but was removed from the team as well as suspended one time for a game. The punishment was not a factor; the No. 1 selection of the draft of 2016 never had any plans to play.

Simmons was embraced by Rivers during the handshake line, and then sat with his family and friends on the ground before heading to the tunnel for the visitors with a final chorus cheers.

“I believe it’s going to continue to be this way forever,” Simmons said. “I am not sure I can believe it will change.”


Nets Seth Curry scored 14 points. The player was part of the Simmons trade , but his role in the trade was more personal. He is the coach of the 76ers. Doc Rivers’ son-in-law. … P.J. Tucker scored zero points for the fourth game in a row and he has his longest run of consecutive games that have minimum of 25 minutes of play and no scoring points during NBA history.

The 76ers Harris injured his ankle, and stumbled into the locker room during the final quarter of the game. Harris offered Sixers fans a fright but he returned to hit a jumper , making the score 85-82.

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Nets: Continue their three-game trip on Wednesday in Toronto and on Friday at Indiana.

The 76ers Embiid will not play Wednesday at Charlotte.



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