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The most successful team in the NFL: Packers move to No. 1

Saturday’s NFC North matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers included more than bragging rights on stake. NFL history was on the line.

The two teams that entered the game as the top two teams in regular season winnings ever in NFL history, with 786 wins each. However, after the Packers defeated the Bears 28-19 They now have all the record for all-time wins in the NFL at least for the duration of a week.

The list includes Green Bay and Chicago occupying the top two spots, which other teams are included in the top 10 most successful franchises within the NFL? The list includes the usual franchises and others that might surprise you.

Here’s an overview of the 10 most successful franchises in NFL history

1.Green Bay Packers — 787

2.Chicago Bears — 786

3.New York Giants — 713

4.Pittsburgh Steelers — 657

5.Washington Commanders — 624

6.Philadelphia Eagles — 605

7.Los Angeles Rams — 602

8.Arizona Cardinals — 581

9.Detroit Lions — 575

10.San Francisco 49ers — 568

If you’re an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, you might be wondering which team “America’s Team” ranks on this list. They’re not too far of the 10 best teams being 12th, with 546 wins during the regular season. In Dallas the defense, they joined the NFL in 1960 . The Bears have been in the league since 1920, and they’ve been with the Packers from 1921. There’s no games left to allow the Cowboys to break into in the Top 10 of this season, however, there’s always next yearto come, or is it?



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