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Steve Kerr says Warriors lacking “collective grit” in a road skids ranging from 0-8

Phoenix — Over the last 10 years The Golden State Warriors built a tradition of playing freely and competitively, with the feeling of community that couldn’t be shaken.

Even just 15 games into the current season, everything seems to be falling apart.

On Wednesday on Wednesday, the Warriors were dealt their latest setback in a loss of 130-119 to the Phoenix Suns that dropped them to 0-8 to begin the season at the beginning of the season for the first time since 1989-1990 and they had started the season 0-9. It’s also the longest road losing streak of a champion since 1999-2000 Chicago Bulls, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

“Forget the record on the road We can’t come up with an extended period of sustained performance where habits begin to form and you’re in a position of walking off the court feeling proud of our performance,” said Stephen Curry who recorded his 11th 50-point game in his career and tied Allen Iverson for ninth all time.

The term “scattered” was mentioned multiple times in the Warriors news conference following the game to describe the situation of the team, in reference to a lack of connectivity and commitment from every player.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said the team isn’t on the identical team.

“It’s an unintentional pick-up game that’s out there,” said Kerr. “There’s no way to execute at any point or a commitment by the team to make three stops in succession to be able to score on offense.”

Kerr stated that he would like to assume the majority of the burden, claiming that he’s “failed” in gathering his team and providing them with something to “collectively achieve.”

However, Curry also assumed part of the responsibility as a leader of the team.

“I’m scoring well, and trying to be more efficient, and I’m determined to continue doing it,” Curry said. “But there’s a collective type of mentality about how I can aid everyone else to get into the right mindset to be able to win and I’m ready for the challenge of figuring it out.”

It’s not easy to blame Curry. He’s been leading his squad through the first period of this season.

The eight-time All-Star scored 17 of his 28 shots, while going 7-of-11 from the 3-point line, to become the eighth-oldest athlete to record a game with 50 points as per ESPN Stats & Information research. However the Warriors did not win by 11. In Curry’s 11 50-point games in his career it’s only 3 times Golden State has lost. It’s the only time that they’ve lost by more than double-digits, when Curry has scored at or above 40 points.

Through the Warriors in the first 15 games of the season Curry has done everything his best to give the Warriors the chance to win and has averaged 32.8 points across shooter splits of 53-45-93. Curry has been the sole player to score 30 points while shooting 50-40-90 throughout the season, and did this in 2015-16, when he took home the MVP in a unanimous manner.

However, Golden State sits in 12th position within the Western Conference with a 6-9 record.

Curry scored close to half of the Golden State’s points on Wednesday. the team’s nine active players contributing 69 points. The Warriors’ bench scored only 17.

Klay Thompson’s struggles early in the season continued, as he scored 19 points, but shot only 6-of-17. In the meantime, Jordan Poole went scoreless on the heels of his greatest performance of the season.

The Warriors’ incoherence is most evident on the defensive side which has prevented the team from developing an offensive line.

They are 27th on the defense this season, following their second place finish a year earlier. Golden State is allowing 12.8 points per game more when compared to last year’s.

In the game against the Suns in the game, the Warriors have given up at most 130 points , for the 6th time in this season — the highest over the course of 15 games in a season since 1982-83 as well as 70 in the opening quarter for the 4th time. Another of those times was against Phoenix in the latter part of October.

“We lack collective grit. We’re playing an Drew League game right now,” Kerr said.

“I’ve always felt that the game rewards you when you are committed to the game. If you’re really competitive and shots are made and calls are made breaks are thrown on your side, but you’re not getting any of these things. This is why we’re losing when we travel. It’s a game of pickup.”

In the lead-up to the game they will play in San Antonio on Monday, Kerr explained that the Warriors are still trying to find that momentum that occurs when the team is united in both the court and on the court. After the loss to Phoenix Kerr claimed that they were lacking the capability to “put everything off-court behind and be focused on taking the win.”

The Warriors claim they’re not panicking. However, they are aware that they’re not making themselves much of a benefit and every opponent they play is looking to get victory over the team who has been causing havoc to the league over the last decade.

“It’s an uphill battle right now and keeping it honest,” Curry said. “We must recognize that it’s very difficult to pull yourself out of the mess we’re currently in because of numerous problems.”



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