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Raiders’ Davante Adams pushes person postgame, apologizes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Las Vegas Raiders receiver Davante Adams pushed a person with a credential on the field , a person who was carrying equipment after the loss on Monday night’s 3029 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Adams later apologized.

“I want to apologize to the guy, there was some guy running off the field, and he ran, like jumped in front of me coming off the field and I bumped into him, kind of pushed him, and he ended up on the ground,” Adams told reporters at his locker. “So I wanted to say sorry to him for that because that was just frustration mixed with him literally just running in from of me. I shouldn’t have responded that way, but that’s how I initially responded. So, I want to apologize to him for that.”

Adams who was acquired in an offseason blockbuster deal together with the Green Bay Packers, is being disciplined by the NFL According to a source that ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Raiders lost to 1-4 after the loss, are now on their bye week following the blowing of an 18-0 lead in the second quarter.

Adams who made three catch for 124 yards and scores of 58- and 48-yards He was clearly upset as he left the field just moments after being playing in the Raiders final offensive play with only 46 seconds remaining.

On fourth-and-1 at the Raiders at the 46-yard line, Adams was running free downfield when quarterback Derek Carr unleashed a deep pass. However, Adams along with Slot receiver Hunter Renfrow ran into each one while running their respective patterns and the ball went uncomplete.

A play prior, Adams seemed to have taken advantage of an initial down by making a sideline toe-tap catch at the Kansas City 39-yard line before the replay official reversed the decision. Adams was moving the ball around when his first step hit the ground.

“I don’t want to comment too much on the officiating, but I thought that I was in,” He declared.

“I thought it was a catch, but they looked at it and obviously didn’t feel that way.”



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