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Pittsburgh Steelers Fans And Players Whip Falcons In Atlanta

If you’re interested in learning about the power of the Steeler Nation beyond the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers that flow around Pittsburgh think about the events of Sunday, about 685 miles further south, near the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium became Acrisure Stadium.

This was true all through the NFL game, where the home team was dominant over the home team in many ways however never more than at the end of the game.

Only six minutes remain.

It was the Atlanta Falcons trailed the Pittsburgh Steelers 19-13, however the players who were playing for the home team were forward — initially at their 26, later, within Steelers territory until 23, and then, before they knew it they were on the 20 and 17 for second and the goal.

About 75% to 70% of the 70,325 people present stood in a hysterical chant of cheers but it wasn’t only for fans of the home team’s offense.

The fans waved Terrible Towels, specifically the gold ones with black letters, to symbolize the Steelers colors. And they did it since that’s the way they behave and mostly because members of Steelers defensive players who were on the field prior to when the Falcons break up the huddle were waving their hands in the sky, calling on to the Steeler Nation to get louder and louder and louder, which they did.

The Falcons chose to go on the field goal.

A few minutes later moments later, the Steelers left the stadium as winners of 19-16 and with an overall record of 5-7 after their third win in just four games. And they could mention the Heywardsthe Heywards – Connor who is a tight end and his brother Cameron who plays defensive tackle. As Connor made his first touchdown in his debut, Cameron showed why he is a five-time Pro Bowl player in his 12th NFL season by scoring the Steelers the only sack.

Cameron also took a ball off the field and snarled Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota in general, and this was the result earlier in the day they visited the Atlanta-area burial site of their dad, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward who was a Ironhead was a bulldozer-running runner for three seasons with the Falcons in the 90s, before the end of his playing career due to cancer at the age of 39.

“My dad and God are always working together,” Cameron Heyward said of Ironhead If you weren’t aware you’d think that those hundreds of thousands of people sporting anything sporting Steelers colors were also cooperating to help their team win.

Steelers fans enjoyed the entire weekend across the Atlanta metropolitan region. They have played with aplomb since the time of Terry Bradshaw, the Steel Curtain defense, and Four Super Bowl titles during the 1970s in attempting to invade a city in the event that the Steelers come to town to make you believe that you’ve taken the wrong road along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In the past two years, Terrible Towel wavers ranked just behind supporters who support their respective teams: the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints (in that order) on the Forbes list of the most enthusiastic NFL fans. The year before the fans who are devoted to everything Steelers were fourth on the Forbes list, this time in the category of the best NFL fans in general.

Steelers new quarterback Kenny Pickett had his own list, and you have a good idea of where he placed his members in his fellow members of the Steeler Nation in every category.

“Yeah, it’s unbelievable. We have the greatest fans anywhere,” Pickett told CBS after completing 16 out of his 28 pass attempts for an impressive 197 yards and an touchdown. “They visit every stadium, and it’s like we’re in our own home at every stadium. They are amazing. We’re so thankful and are grateful for the wonderful fans we have. We try our best every Sunday to them.”

The Falcons would not disagree.



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