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Pitch invaders with rainbow flag interferes with World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay

It was reported that the World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay was briefly disrupted by a fan who waved a an umbrella flag across playing field in the Lusail Iconic Stadium in the morning of Monday.

The FIFA world-wide television feed stayed clear of showing the player who was inflicting harm on the pitch however, the person was seen running across the field, dragging the flag while being followed by security officers.

Portugal beat the host by 2-0 due the two Bruno Fernandes second-half goals, which ensured the European team’s passage to the knockout stage.

The incident that involved the pitch invader took place during the 51st second of the match. Iranian official Alireza Faghani was later seen taking the flag off the pitch.

Getty images showed the flag-carrier wearing a shirt that had the words “RESPECT for IRANIAN Women” printed on its back, and “SAVE UKRAINE” written in the front.

Participation of Iran which will play with the US Men’s National Team on Tuesday in a match of Group B at the World Cup has been played against the backdrop of the country’s turmoil domestically.

Russia has invaded Ukraine on February 24. In the last few months, Russian forces have repeatedly targeted power infrastructures in Ukraine which has left over seven million Ukrainians in powerless after a series of strikes that occurred a week ago according to Ukrainian officials.

Ukrainians remain unshaken in the in the face of Russian missile strikes However, hope for a agreed-upon resolution to the conflict remain distant, despite the fact that the top American general is pushing to use diplomacy.

In addition, the problem regarding LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar is also a regular topic during this World Cup. The rainbow is a symbol for LGBTQ+ pride.

On Saturday Two German soccer fans said to CNN they were questioned by security personnel to take off the rainbow-colored clothes they were wearing on their way to the World Cup match between France and Denmark.

In the last week American reporter Grant Wahl and former Wales captain Laura McAllister both said they were instructed by security personnel to take off clothing that had rainbow-colored patterns.

Wahl claimed the release took within 25 minutes of being held and was apologised for from the FIFA representative as well as an official from the security personnel in the stadium.

In response to a question about the rules for fan attire, FIFA referred CNN to the official handbook of the tournament that states “expats and tourists are able to dress in the clothes of their choice, so that it is appropriate and respectful of the tradition.”

After a few Wales fans were barred from stadiums for wearing bucket hats that were rainbow-colored The Welsh Football Association said FIFA informed the federation on Thursday the rainbow flags, hats and banners should be permitted in World Cup stadiums in Qatar.

The Qatari government’s LGBTQ+ laws – where sexual relations between males are prohibited and punishable with 3 years or more of jail in Qatar has been criticized.

A report by Human Rights Watch, published in the month of September, detailed instances that were reported as recent as September Qatari Security forces arbitrarily detaining LGBT individuals and exposing them “ill-treatment during detention.”

But, the country insists that “everyone is accepted” during the tournament and said in a statement sent to CNN this month, saying that “our experience has demonstrated that we’ve warmly welcomed anyone, regardless of race or background.”

Yes, but there is there is no

Cristiano Ronaldo believed he scored Portugal’s first goal , but not according FIFA’s officials.

In the middle of the second half the 37-year old stepped up to tackle a cross from Fernandes.

Ronaldo was convinced that he even the slightest of touch for his goal, which was the second he scored in two games in Qatar 2022. He certainly celebrated as if did.

The problem is that Ronaldo found himself disappointed when officials changed their minds and awarded this goal Fernandes.

Looking for an equalizer, Uruguay intensified the pressure, especially with the addition the duo of Luis Suarez and Maxi Gomez.

Within minutes of coming on, Gomez struck the post with a curling strike, and Suarez was able to make contact with the side-netting at a short distance shortly after.

Portugal won its first match after the awarding of controversial penalty to the assistant video referee following an offside call by Jose Maria Gimenez.

Fernandes was given two more chances in his quest to finish off the hat trick but was thwarted from scoring by Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Rochet and then the post kept out his Manchester United midfielder.

The win implies that Portugal is now in the next phase in the World Cup with a game to spare , while Uruguay must win the last game with Ghana for any chance of getting to the next stage.

Friday’s game against teams from the South American side and African team will be the first time they’ve played during the World Cup since their controversial quarterfinals in 2010, in which Uruguay defeated Ghana in a thrilling penalty shootout in order to make the semifinals.

Ghana had to beg for an untimely penalty in the last minute of extra time that did not allow them to enjoy the honour of making history as the only African team to make it to the semifinals.

The penalty was given following Ghana’s Dominic Adiyiah had his first shot blocked by Suarez and his subsequent shot was blocked by the Uruguayan striker’s hands.

It was that Suarez was sent off. Suarez But Asamoah Gyan’s penalty landed on the crossbar, and the game was an extra shootout.



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