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It’s frustrating, sure however, the bigger picture  doesn’t look too bad for a 2-1 Packers

Tampa – It’s not attractive at all however, the Packers will definitely accept the loss.

“It’s about finding ways to win football games,” Head Coach Matt LaFleur declared after his team won 14-12 against Tampa Bay. “Every team will be challenged during football season and it isn’t a big deal. No one really cares.

“I told our guys we’ll never apologize for winning. You’ve just got to find a way and we did.”

The Aaron Rodgers-Tom Brady match transformed into an all-Rodgers affair early on and all-Brady later and with plenty of defensive play in the middle The Packers were able to hold onto a match which would’ve been awful to let slip away.

“It feels good for sure,” said Rodgers in his post-game interview, who said that the Packers did not let up with the winners Vikings and Bears for a deadlock of three in the NFC North at 2-1. “That’s the focus.”

The Packers acknowledged the Buccaneers for changing their defensive outlook after Green Bay’s offense performed an impressive display during the first quarter and half. Aaron Jones’ fumble on the goal line that stopped the third consecutive score was an event of huge magnitude.

Tampa Bay’s defensive line is considered to be one of the top and, if not the most effective in the league however, the Packers also knew they have more chances than what the scoreboard suggested.

Particularly, Rodgers lamented an incomplete pass during the 4th quarter. just two plays after Allen Lazard hauled in a 26-yard blitz hit to get the Packers into the middle of the field.

In need of a second first-down (or near it) in order to allow Kicker Mason Crosby a high-percentage shot at the next three points the double-crossing plan ended in disaster when two receivers ran into each other . Rodgers pass was a bit off through the air in a haze.

Rodgers explained that one receiver was to be running his route above the other, but the underside receiver was running his route too high and Juwann Winfree was caught up, instead of heading toward the empty area.

“That should have been a completion to Juwann inside field-goal range,” Rodgers declared. “Bada bing, bada boom, ballgame.”

If only it was that simple. These are the types of errors that hinder this season’s Packers behind in the beginning stage of this season.

“Offensively we’re young, and we’re struggling at times to finish things off,” Rodgers said. Rodgers who was also disappointed in not giving Jones the best throw in the game that he lost rather than scoring. “It’s happened obviously in both of our wins.”

However, the two previous games were wins and there’s something to be said about going at 2-1 after just three weeks, where two of the games were against the most formidable divisional rival and a playoff-bound QB beaten by Brady.

In a way it’s how they Packers were expected to beat the Packers early on, as an offense in shift at the receiver was able to figure some things out.



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