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Georgia football-Missouri instant reactions as Bulldogs play with risk in an ugly loss

Columbia, Mo. Columbia, Mo. Georgia definitely isn’t the top team in the nation. It shouldn’t be playing during a match in which it was not able to lead until it was just 4:03 left during the 4th quarter.

The Bulldogs however were able to slash Missouri’s lead , and came away with a win of 26-22. Georgia improves to five wins on the season and is 2-0 for SEC play.

The final score shows how tough that was facing the Bulldogs. They were trailing for the entire game, and had several turnovers and failed to score an touchdown until the midway period during the final quarter.

Georgia’s huge advantage in talent proved crucial to the Bulldogs in the end, as Missouri evidently ran off of fuel in the 4th quarter. The Georgia offensive line gained some momentum and sucked the game out late due to some impressive running by Daijun Edwards. Daijun Edwards scored multiple first downs during Georgia’s final drive, and scored the game-winning touchdown at 4:03 to go.

The team that was once thought to be unbeatable was now seriously flirting with the dangers. The Missouri defensive line was able to get a great effort throughout the game and Georgia could not overcome its own way until the fourth quarter.

It was by far the worst game of the year for Georgia after appearing like world-beaters during the opening four games of the season.

Red zone, offensive line disaster

It shouldn’t be surprising that Georgia could not move the ball within the zone of red. The struggle was evident against Samford. Georgia scored three field goals in the red zone in the last game against Kent State.

The same thing happened on Saturday in the game against Missouri. But , unlike that of the Kent State game, Georgia did not have the ability to capitalize with the explosive plays and it didn’t get its first score until fourth quarter. Even that was an extra fourth-down conversion following the Bulldogs were beaten on the third down.

Let this game serve as a proof that it is important to play with explosiveness. This is why it’s time to be concerned regarding Georgia’s offensive line. Georgia offensive line.

Kirby Smart made it clear before this game, that Tigers were a formidable defensive front. You would have thought that that the Bulldogs were playing the Alabama defensive line in the 2016 Alabama defensive line based on the way the game was going.

Stetson Bennett was tackled two times, and it’s likely that he should have been sacked more. Bennett’s passing stats weren’t very impressive in the end, as he completed with a total of 24 passes to gain 312 yards. He also lost the ball to Daijun Edwards, giving Missouri the perfect field position. Bennett’s Heisman contest that Bennett was part of just a week ago appears to have come to a in a halt.

The Bulldogs ended the game with 170 yards of field, with thrilling runs by Kendall Milton and Kenny McIntosh significantly increasing those numbers. A 35-yard run by Milton was halted by an fumble during Georgia’s second play of the match. It’s important to note that Georgia switched to Edwards to end the game as it progressed.

The Bulldogs have been rotating their offensive line all through the year. Smart has been awed by their ability to play with depth. When Georgia required a late drive and needed to get a drive in, the Bulldogs were able to roll together with Broderick Jones Xavier Truss, Sedrick Van Pran, Tate Ratledge and Warren McClendon. We’ll have to see how there is a chance that the Bulldogs continue to rock games with the team, particularly following some less than positive outcomes.

Georgia did work a few things out in the final minutes of the game with touchdowns scored during two consecutive runs in the 4th quarter. Daijun Edwards’ 1-yard touchdown run provided Georgia the Bulldogs their first advantage of the night with 4:03 left.

Harrison Mevis is money for Missouri

It’s weird to think that a kicker is the most effective football player. Particularly one who failed to score a field goal with a chip shot this week, which would have won Missouri the match against Auburn.

However, Mevis was on the money throughout the night to the Tigers. He scored five field goals and scored one of 56 yards at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The Tigers were able to score with a variety of explosive plays, however, the Bulldogs allowed just one touchdown during the game that occurred in the second half. The Bulldogs allowed just two field goals during the second quarter. In the final game, Missouri had just 294 yards of offense.

This was the very first time throughout the season that Georgia did not cause a turnover, however the defense stood high, especially when they had Jalen Carter missing for the majority of the game. The most prominent defensive tackle quit the game in the 2nd quarter after a smack to his knee. He was dismissed from the game.

Georgia had two sacks during the victory and Nolan Smith grabbing his second of the season.

It was a poor performance from Kelee Ringo who was blocked after a 46-yard catch from the Missouri’s Mookie Cooper. Kelee Ringo also received a penalty for defensive pass interference on a third-and-17, which gave the Tigers an opportunity to gain a first-down.

A shaky start to the first half

The noon kickoff wasn’t to be blamed for Georgia not sleeping for the first 30 minutes during this match. The Bulldogs had a rough 30-minute football game.

Georgia was able to fumble twice, giving Missouri six points in the first half. The Bulldogs also allowed an 63-yard romp, which was the longest running play of the season by Georgia’s Georgia defense. The team twice conceded field goals after driving deeply into the Missouri’s right side.

The issues that arose in the wake of Kent State were once again obvious to Kent State’s Bulldogs on Saturday night against the Tigers.

“They are knocking us off the ball, they are whipping us up front,” Smart said to Cole Cubelic during his halftime interview. “You can’t win in the SEC if you can’t win at the line of scrimmage.”

The game could’ve been more dire. The Bulldogs made a flimsy field goal in order to extend the final run of their second half. Bennett was the one to pick up the first play as he passed through the line unaffected.

Malaki Starks also ran down Missouri running back Cody Schrader from behind on the 63-yard run , bringing Schrader only a few yards short of the finish zone. Missouri immediately followed with a false kick and finally decided to settle for the field goal. The play proved crucial in the win of four points over Missouri.

The first half was more than way from that Georgia standard. It was simply bad football. The Bulldogs definitely had a right to be in a deficit at halftime.

Georgia football information and news

Javon Bullard was not able to travel to Missouri following his arrest on Sunday. Tykee Smith took his place in the star position.

Kenny McIntosh, Arian Smith, AD Mitchell and Nyland Green also made the trip for Georgia The four players are suffering from injuries before the match. Mitchell and Green did not participate however Smith made his debut of the season receiving a pass for seven yards.

Arik Gilbert was part of the team, but was not dressed for the game.

Jalen Carter was ejected from the game during the opening half following a low blow in the knee. The junior defensive tackle could not play again after being declared out due to an injury to his knee. Carter was involved in a pregame fight with a number of Missouri players on the field prior the game.



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