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Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni after win over Colts”I’m crying because I have a love for Frank Reich’

Eagles Head coach Nick Sirianni was visibly animated at the sideline shortly after his team’s win over the Colts and was forced to get rid of his headset and then leaping onto the bench and shouting at a group of Philadelphia supporters.

For Sirianni the win was more than an improvement in the Eagles their record to 9-1 after an unsatisfactory loss in Week 10 however, it was something more profound.

“I’m emotional because I love Frank Reich,” Sirianni spoke to reporters after the victory of 17-16. “He’s one of the best damn football coaches I’ve ever been around. I was hoping he and I would be able to coach against each other in this game.”

Reich was dismissed at the hands of the Colts on November. 7 after the team’s 3-5-1 beginning to his 5th season with Indianapolis. Sirianni was the Colts offensive coordinator during the initial three seasons that Reich was in Indy that resulted in the 41-year-old obtaining the position of head coach in Philadelphia.

“I spent a lot of time here. One of my children was born here,” Sirianni stated. “It was sweet to come here, especially with what happened with this organization the last couple weeks, and get the win. A win! Leave Indianapolis. With. A. Win.”

The Colts appointed Jeff Saturday as the team’s interim head coach after Reich’s demotion. Saturday’s Colts made their debut with a shocking victory in the previous week’s game, and they held a slight advantage over the Eagles until the final eight minutes of Sunday’s game, when Jalen Hurts scored from the end zone to score the game-winning score.

“You don’t want to know what I think about whether he should be here or not, because you guys can probably imagine what I really think,” Sirianni spoke about Reich. “I love him. So I got a little emotional about that.”

A heartfelt win in the midst of a tough, close game could do wonders for the top-placed Eagles moving forward. Hurts acknowledged the emotions of Sirianni following the game, and handed him the ball to play with and introducing a positive aspect to the 2022 Philadelphia season.

“I know it’s special for him,” said Hurts. “He has spent a lot of time at Indianapolis. There are lots of memories here. It was an amazing return to home for him. I’m happy we could get the victory for him. When he left on the pitch, I heard the crowd was getting emotional. I suppose I did not help him by throwing the ball.

“Coach doesn’t get enough credit for what he does and what he’s been for us. He does a great job. I’m happy he got to get this win.”



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