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LeBron James is getting closer to the NBA’s all-time scoring record by scoring the score of 26 in Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Indiana Pacers

LeBron James is just 64 points close to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for the all-time NBA scoring record following his put 26 points during his Los Angeles Lakers’ 112-111 victory against the Indiana Pacers.

The 38-year old also posted seven points and seven assists as his teammate Anthony Davis scored a game-high 31 points, which was accompanied by 14 rebound.

“I am just beginning to realize that my game was more needed in the interior,” James told reporters. “Needed to score some rebounds as well as some baskets and I felt that we were playing with a lot of energy particularly during the 4th quarter.”

There are now two consecutive victories with the 12th-ranked Lakers as they attempt to bring itself to the playoffs an already crowded Western Conference.

James currently has 38,325 point against Abdul-Jabbar’s 38.387 points. This is an average established when Abdul-Jabbar was the Lakers star retired from basketball 36 years ago.

“I consider it to be one of the most impressive records in the world of sports,” James said, according to ESPN. “I believe it’s right up there with the record for homeruns in baseball..

“It’s an incredible record you don’t see or imagine being broken. Then you see guys such as … You have Hank Aaron that had it for a long time, and you notice the players such as Sammy [Sosa as well as Mark McGwire and those guys climb it, and you think”Oh, man. It’s possible to break this record.’

“And you really start watching at it, paying attention and you see Sammy as well as Mark McGwire go up to bat, and you think”They have the chance to hit it every time. It was an enjoyable experience. As an athlete it was enjoyable just watching these guys come to bat and chase it.”

The Lakers lost by as much as eight points in the fourth quarter however, James scored a crucial three in the final minute and gave his team the advantage with less than two-and-a-half minutes to go.

Davis had another great performance on the day that when he learned he’d not be an 2023 All-Star it was a controversial decision as per many fans, given Davis’s performance when he’s healthy this season.

The Pacers are, however, continuing their slide in their Eastern Conference standings with a fourth loss in a row however, they were buoyed with the return of the star guard Tyrese Haliburton on Thursday after several weeks of absence due to injury.

James is next in line to break into the record of scoring in the NBA comes on Saturday when he plays the Pelicans James, a 19-time All-Star expected to beat Abdul-Jabbar on Tuesday, when he faces Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder or next Thursday when he faces Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee Bucks, although he has been battling an ankle injury throughout the season long.



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