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Dallas Cowboys lose to ‘passive’ commanders: Coach Ron Rivera – ‘We need to play better’

The Washington Commanders lost their third straight game. Outsiders have called it time.

ARLINGTON, Tx. Washington Commanders had many chances to win games against Dallas Cowboys like Sunday’s.

You can see the weaknesses in the team but also enough strengths. They are strong enough not to get rubbed like this.

As the team continues to lose, the frustration of the fans grows.

After his team’s loss to AT&T Stadium 25-10 in Week 4, Ron Rivera stated that “for the most part there were some things which were working pretty well.” We just need to keep them going at that point. There are many chances to score. We have to score. It was difficult to kick field goals in the second half.

After scoring an opening-drive field goal by the Cowboys, Cooper Rush was substituted for Dak Prescott. In just five plays, Carson Wentz drove Washington’s offense into the opposing territory.

It all went horribly wrong from there.

They were unable to get another shot because of a false start made by Trai Turner, the guard.

Then Wentz was fired and, before you know it, 2nd and 7 plus territory were transformed into 3rd, 21 and 22 at the Washington 38 yard line. This became a punt.

The defense stood firm and Washington was able to get the ball back exactly where they had punted previously.

Wentz’s offense moved again into Cowboys territory with a new set downs and the chance to regain momentum.

They were again pushed back by a penalty.

Washington moved to the right sideline of the midfield on that drive. However, Washington was unable to recover from the setback and punted again.

This was the way the game began – a seesaw that went nowhere. It only got better for a short time but remained the same for most of the afternoon.

The offense of the Commanders was punished seven times. Each of them placed the team in a double digit yard-to-gain or added to existing ones.

Washington was forced to use more than 20 yards five times for a first down by offensive penalties.

“Certain penalties are concentration-focused,” Rivera said. It gets loud. Yes, it gets loud. They’re not following the rules. We have to stay in the game and be disciplined. We as coaches have to correct this. This was unacceptable. We did it to ourselves, and we lost certain opportunities.”

Washington’s offense only had one drive in the first half that did not involve an offensive penalty or turnover.

That drive resulted in a touchdown.

Dallas had no chance of a quick start, and the rest gave them all the momentum they needed to take control of the game. All of which sent the Commanders to their second straight loss in NFC East and to a record of 1-3.



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