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Clemson football’s backup quarterback Cade Klubnik leads 27-21 comeback win over. Syracuse

CLEMSON – Clemson had a huge win. And maybe a quarterback conversation.

New quarterback Cade Klubnik came off the sidelines in the second quarter to replace struggling quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei. He commanded Clemson with back-to-back touchdowns Saturday to secure a comeback 27-21 victory over Syracuse in Memorial Stadium.

Five-placed Clemson (8-0, 6-1) is set to enter its opening game with a commanding lead over Clemson’s lead in the Atlantic Division of the ACC. Syracuse (6-1 3-1) tried to replace its fellow Tigers in the upper echelon.

Clemson established the ACC record when it won its 38th consecutive win at home. This was the first match between teams that have not lost that have won at least six times during Memorial Stadium history. They are Tigers currently have an 8-0 record for ninth time. In the past seven seasons, they’ve made it to National Championships.

Klubnik came in with Clemson down by 21-10 in the third quarter following Uiagalelei’s 3rd turnover. Klubnik was the driving force behind an 80-yard run which the Tigers scored in just two plays during the next sequence, with Will Shipley running 50 yards to score the TD. When the two-point conversion was completed to give the Tigers a lead of 24-21, Klubnik escaped a sack and discovered Joseph Ngata in the back of the end zone.

Clemson is completely under the control of ACC

The Tigers were at risk of losing control over the ACC but they fought back by a comeback in the second half and are now nearing closing the deal. They’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks, but. Clemson will be entering an open game and playing at Notre Dame, can clinch the Atlantic Division by winning either the October. 12 game at home with Louisville or the October. 19 contest against Miami If anyone is close to winning by the time of. Syracuse is, however, left with ACC games left to play Pitt, Florida State, Wake Forest and Boston College.

The turnovers cost a lot for Clemson

Clemson was guilty of three turnovers within the red zone. D.J. Uiagalelei intercepted a pass and then fumbled that was recovered 90 yards for the Syracuse touchdown. The Tigers lost the ball in their first three possessions in the second half , too. Will Shipley fumbled on the first play following Clemson received the ball at an Orange 41. The second interception by Uiagalelei occurred in the following game in which the Tigers were within the 20 for the second time.

Clemson running backs share the load

Clemson employed a different strategy for its running backs in the opening second. Instead of using mostly Will Shipley on a series and then mainly Phil Mafah on the following the same possession, they substituted with each other on the same play. The result was a close-to-even split in the first half. Shipley 13 carries and 57 yards and Mafah carried 10 times for 60 yards. Mafah scored a short TD during the second half and Shipley an extended one at 50.

Defense had a difficult time early against. Syracuse QB

The defense of Clemson talked throughout the week about the need to prevent Syracuse quarterback Garrett Shrader from running, however, the Tigers were unable to stop him in the opening period. Shrader ran nine times for the 67-yards and scored one touchdown, while also completing nine of eleven passes to score another TD. Certain of the plays were made in the pocket. The Tigers declared they were prepared to take on that challenge, however it wasn’t like they were watching the man.



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