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BYU’s Refusal over Boise State Gets Season Back on The Right Track

BOISE – It’s hard to find anyone who would call the 2022 season of BYU football season a massive success. Given the high expectations were heading into the year for BYU but this season hasn’t been performing as well.

On Saturday night after enduring the loss of four games in October, you can’t ignore the accomplishments BYU did against a shaky Boise State team on the road.

BYU head coach Kalani Sitake told reporters earlier this month she believes that Boise State “always brings out the best” within his team. They definitely showed their best Saturday night in the Blue, securing an unexpected 31-28 victory.

BYU soccer is taking a step towards winning the bowl bid

This isn’t a win that will be noted in the books of history in the same way as some of the most significant achievements of BYU the history of football. However, it is the result of a win against a rival in the final section in the rivalry. Perhaps, even more important this win almost guarantees the possibility of a bowl game the upcoming season.

“We’re one step closer to extending the season and getting those valuable [bowl] practices,” said BYU coach Kalani Sitake. “And this is important for us to build our boys. When our players are having a down time I believe we’ve made them aware that winning isn’t easy and that they shouldn’t ever think about it as something to be taken for granted. Remember this feeling. Be humble and let’s prepare for the next challenge.”

Love learning and sharing

BYU players have faced tough postgame discussions in the past month. They were able to enjoy the satisfaction of winning again. As the journalists waited outside the BYU locker room to attend the post-game press meeting, BYU players could be heard singing “Rise and Shout’ in celebration of the victory.

“Love and learn for sure is a lot better when we’re winning,” Puka Nacua chuckled. “…But to be able to see Clark [Barringtonand Blake [Freeland] and a number of guys just having fun. It’s wonderful to see smiles on everyone’s faces and not forced smile. If you win, you feel much better. If you’re feeling beaten or feel great It’s always a good feeling when you have a win.”

Keep on track

BYU will enjoy a much-needed break week following ten consecutive weeks without any break. Then , they will be back in action on November 19 to celebrate Senior Day against Utah Tech. Then they will conclude their normal season with Stanford on November 26 in Palo Alto on November 26.

“Not a change to approach to anything,” stated BYU head coach Jaren Hall. “You know that for months, we’ve heard anything other than negative comments. Therefore, there’s likely to be lots of positive chatter. It’s not worth paying any attention to it, and we’ve got to maintain the same mentality that brought us to this point tonight. Concentrate on the players in this locker room, our families – is all that’s important. Keep your head down and realize that we have two more games to attend to.”



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