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Aaron Rodgers was admittedly off in the latest Packers loss: “I threw lots of wobblers this evening’

When the snow fell on Lambeau Field, it’s likely that the Green Bay Packers’ realistic hopes of winning the playoffs slipped away too.

An unusually warm autumn has swept through Wisconsin The most recent bizarre episode was witnessed Aaron Rodgers miss badly on many throws and see the Packers were cheered on by cold and angry fans in Thursday night’s 27-17 defeat in the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans.

“Interesting,” Rodgers said of the”boos. “That’s the best I can do for you.”

In the game, Rodgers completed a pass-by-pass of 24-of-39 for 227 yards with two touchdowns, zero interceptions, and an 94.7 rating. From a distance it’s not an impressive performance but over the period the Green Bay team’s six losses over the last seven games, Rodgers failed to make passes that which he’s been in the right place with. In the game on Thursday, he slipped up some of them badly.

Rodgers admitted that his game was subpar, but was unsure of how it happened, however Rodgers didn’t blame the injury on his right thumb that he’s been suffering since the beginning of Week 5.

“I could not tell you that I could just something,” The two-time most valuable AP NFL Most Valuable Player stated. “I’m refusing to lie about my thumb. It’s identical ever since New York. I’m not sure. I’ll take a look back at the situation. It was like that I had been in the right place. But I did not possess the same consistency in my grip, and the ball didn’t come out in the same manner. I was throwing a lot of wobblers this evening. There was a bit of breeze. I failed to throw some throws I ought to have had.”

The thought of a comeback dancing through their minds 27-17 early into the final quarter the Packers ended up with just one points on their final four minutes.

Three-and-outs were played, with two interceptions. There was a third three-and-out which ended with Rodgers missed open Sammy Watkins on a crossing route by at minimum three yards on third down. Then the Packers were forced to turn the ball over in the downs, when Rodgers lost an opponent’s ball 10 yards beyond Allen Lazard on fourth-and-3. Green Bay’s last possession ended close to being stopped on fourth but this time it was Aaron Jones getting stuffed for nothing on fourth-and-1.

This isn’t the Packers team everyone anticipated at the beginning of the season. Neither is it’s not the Rodgers one has ever imagined.

Following an overtime victory in the playoffs against Dallas Cowboys, there was an argument to suggest that an improvement could be on the horizon. Any thoughts of the possibility were shut down with the Titans.

“I believe that last week’s performance provided us with a lot of insight into potential,” Rodgers said. “This week, we did not play in a way that was complimentary across the 3 phases.”

Although it’s technically still autumn but it’s highly probable that the Packers are currently in an early winter in their 2022 football season. They’re currently ranked 10th on the NFC standings, and have been looking all season for their identity, the right rhythm, and for anything to ensure their hopes are alive.

Rodgers remains a fervent faith-based man, but as with the majority of his plays during the week on Thursday, it looks like that his playoff hopes are a bit off.

“We have to play up to our potential,”” Rodgers said. “If we can play in our capacity, we’ll beat our opponents in the last six games. I’m sure of this. Naturally, I have to play at my best; this was not it.”



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