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3. Chicago Bears that could follow Robert Quinn out the door

The Chicago Bears made a massive trade on Wednesday afternoon. They made a trade of Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round draft pick. It’s a significant NFL deal for a variety of reasons.

For instance, the National Football League’s last undefeated team recently added a top pass rusher. Quinn is a great player and offers an experienced and knowledgeable leader in the team’s locker rooms. This is the kind of player you should add to your roster for those who want to go for an Super Bowl run.

Quinn beat record after breaking the Chicago Bears record for the most sacks a season last year, so you can be sure that he will have a significant impact on an entire team. If the team has goals to be successful, you could even witness more of a determination from Quinn.

For the Bears the Bears, they’re clearly staying true to their plan, despite some unexpected results. There is a possibility that more notable names will be relocated before the first deadline for trades. The three most important names who could be the next to follow Quinn out of the market:

1. David Montgomery

The Chicago Bears may consider trading David Montgomery before the deadline.

David Montgomery is a very skilled running back. Sharing the carries together with Khalil Herbert made him more efficient this season.

In that light, He is just a tad below the top runners in the NFL therefore they won’t need to be a part of him throughout his career. There are many players who would be willing to sacrifice something to have a player like his.

Given the way the NFL has been playing lately, the running back position is now a definite essential position in the offensive. Teams are able to find good running backs during the final phases of their draft each year.

Every now and then an elite man falls on your doorstep, but they’re becoming more and more commonplace in the whole. So, getting something for Montgomery today before they need to make him a big payment is a good idea.



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