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Walker will join Cruz to be joined by Cruz in Georgia as GOP defends its leader after a fresh abortion claim

With just two weeks to go until Election Day and Georgia voters voting early in huge amounts, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will return to the campaign trail on Thursday, followed by a slew of scandals surrounding an allegation that he coerced women into having an abortion.

However, even as the latest allegations roiled one of the tightest and most significant races in the midterms Republican leadership’s support for Walker has remained steady. The former football player was able to defend himself, just as he did after the initial round of allegations made by a woman, has denied the new account.

Walker will be supported by Cruz on his campaign tour this time by Texas Republican Senator. Ted Cruz, who will be a campaigner for the GOP candidate during minimum three of the stops during Walker’s tour bus around Georgia, Peach state. Cruz is expected to arrive in Georgia just over two weeks after his fellow Republican Senators. Rick Scott of Florida, the head for the group’s Senate campaign department along with Tom Cotton of Arkansas did similarly in a show of solidarity amid the controversy over the first woman’s accusations.

The latest news came at the right time in a race that is crucial to the two parties’ chances of winning a majority the Senate that is now split 50-50. Most polls show Democratic Senator. Raphael Warnock, who’s running for a full term of six years and has a small lead over Walker in the last period in the race.

Walker was previously accused by a former lover of inciting her to have an abortion and then reimbursed her for the cost. He denied the claim as an “flat-out falsehood,” but presented with an image of the check which the woman claimed was a payment in exchange for an abortion. He admitted that it had his name on it on check however he claimed that he didn’t know exactly what it was intended for. Another woman claimed that Walker wanted her to undergo a second abortion several in the years following according to The New York Times.

She claimed she was not interested and has since become the mother of son who, she claims, is not able to see his father. CNN is not independent and hasn’t verified the allegations of the first woman. The woman has not been identified in media reports.

The most recent accusation was made against Walker in the afternoon of Wednesday, when a woman who says she was involved in a lengthy relationship with the candidate claimed in a press conference that Walker had pushed her to have an abortion in 1993.

The woman, who was referred to in the media as Jane Doe to protect her identity she attended the press conference online along with her lawyer Gloria Allred, and read her statement. The woman’s voice was heard however, her face was not visible.

Doe She, who claimed she’s an registered independent who voted for the former president Donald Trump, told reporters she chose to share her story right now in order to show the Walker’s insincerity – as well as her conviction that he’s not “morally suitable to serve as the next US Senator.”

“He has made it clear publicly that he takes the position that he’s in favor of life and not allowing abortion at any time, when in reality, he forced me to undergo an abortion, and personally made sure that it was done by driving me to the abortion clinic, and then paying for the procedure,” said Doe.

Walker in his discussion with Warnock He insisted that he was for the exceptions to anti-abortion laws but he’s repeatedly – and in statements just this summer and as reported by CNN this week – stated that He supports a total ban.

In a rally at a campaign event in Georgia just prior to the news conference Walker made the claim as a “lie.”

“I already have told people that it’s a lie and I’m not planning to engage, or continue to spread the lie. Additionally, I’d like to inform you that I did not murder JFK also,” Walker said, noting the Democrats do and say anything they can to gain this Senate seat.

Walker added in a second statement on Wednesday night “I’m done with this absurdity. It’s all a flimsy and I’m not going to take any of it seriously.”

Doe stated during the press event she said that “Herschel Walker has a shamanistic character and he’s not suitable to be an US senator.” saying: “We don’t need people in the US Senate who claim one thing, but do something else. Herschel Walker claims he’s opposed to women having abortions however he forced me into having one.”

Doe claimed that her relationship with Walker started in 1987 when Walker played for the Dallas Cowboys. She told me she traveled to visit him when they traded him with the Minnesota Vikings, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was married all through their marriage, she added.

Allred displayed a number of personal cards she claimed Walker handed to Doe that he signed with the”H” in the letter “H,” to refute Walker’s assertion that he had never signed anything with that letter.

Allred also read a text message that Walker claimed to have wrote to Doe’s machines and also showed a photograph from Walker on Doe’s Minnesota hotel room, along with an original invoice for the room. Although Allred Wednesday offered evidence that supports the claim of a relationship among Doe and Walker but she didn’t give any specifics to support the claims of an abortion.

Then, in April of 1993 Doe declared she had become pregnant for Walker’s infant.

“After having discussed the issue with Herschel numerous times, he urged me to get an abortion and provided me with the funds to go through with it. I visited the facility in Dallas but couldn’t get through with it. I quit the clinic in tears,” she recounted.

When she lost her composure The woman explained that Walker began to get angry.

The doctor “drove me into the hospital later that day and waited long hours at the clinic until I got to the door,” the woman said. “I was devastated as I felt that I was pushed into having an abortion.”

Democrats have tread carefully when discussing Walker’s abortion scandals. Warnock is one of them. He has been wary to comment directly on the women’s allegations and instead referring on Walker’s “problem with truth” which was reiterated from Rachel Petri, his deputy campaign manager in a statement issued on Wednesday saying “Herschel Walker has a problem with truth, has a difficult time responding to questions and has a problem accepting responsibility of his conduct.”

“Today’s latest report the latest instance of a disturbing pattern we’ve seen play out over and over repeatedly,” Petri added. “Herschel Walker should not represent Georgians on Senate. U.S. Senate.”

In a sign of the importance of the race and the growing tensions, Warnock’s campaign has gotten a little less reluctant to use the issue to its advantage. Recently, it released an ad, called “Hypocrite,” that begins with a voiceover saying, “For you, Herschel Walker is seeking to prohibit abortions,” before cutting to audio messages from Walker and then an anchorman describing the claims of the woman who was the first to claim that he paid for her to have an abortion.



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