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The report: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen sign divorce agreements with divorce lawyers

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s marriage, the latest story of endless speculation in the tabloids, could be on the verge of ending according to a fresh report by Page Six.

In the New York Times’ gossip pages announced on the news on Tuesday. Brady Bundchen and Brady Bundchen have each hired divorce attorneys, signalling an eventual split that could last for the couple who got married in February 2009.

People magazine reported a slightly different account of the events on Wednesday afternoon. They cited unnamed sources who claimed that Brady is “trying to find out how to move forward” following the news that Bundchen has hired a divorce attorney and that Brady is currently seeking the representation of his own.

A representative of Brady and Bundchen did not respond to a request for comments by when the report’s publication.

Page Six quoted multiple anonymous sources in its report including one who said that the couple’s lengthy argument regarding Brady’s decision not to retire from the NFL may ultimately “be their final straw for their relationship.”

“I believe there won’t ever be a return,” a second anonymous source informed the tabloid. “They each have lawyers and are considering what a split could mean as well as who will get what and what the final financials will be.”

The tabloid reported that any divorce could result in joint custody of Brady as well as Bundchen of their children because the parents of both are “very engaged in the lives of their kids.” Bundchen gave birth to their son Benjamin 12 in 2009, and daughter Vivian nine in 2012. (Brady also has an child, Jack, 15, from an earlier affair with actor Bridget Moynahan.)

Page Six initially reported on September 1 that Brady and Bundchen had marital issues The report highlighted Brady’s decision quit his position in the NFL as the main cause of an “epic battle” between the two. Each Page Six and CNN reported that the couple lived apart.

The following month, however, Page Six quoted a source who is believed to be near to Bundchen who stated the couple’s marital conflict was “not caused by her decision to return to football -it’s not always easy.”

The following day, another source informed Page Six that the marriage’s problems were not caused by infidelity, but they claimed that Brady and Bundchen have “recently had a difficult time making their relationship work, and they are now at odds.”

Before Brady announced his decision to retire of Brady’s NFL on February 1st 2022 (and later changed his mind about 40 days afterward) Brady and Bundchen admitted to having difficult discussions regarding the career of the quarterback and the consequences it had on his family.

Bundchen has admitted she was not thrilled with the blows Brady received in the field. In a 2017 interview with CBS, Bundchen said that Brady was injured in concussion that wasn’t previously disclosed by the Patriots and added that she did not think the concussion was “a suitable thing for anyone to suffer through.”

Brady however, has repeatedly acknowledged that Bundchen would like him to take on more work on the domestic front. In an interview in April 2020 in an interview with Howard Stern, Brady said that the couple attended therapy after Bundchen sent him a letter expressing her discontent with their relationship.

“She did not feel that I was taking care of her family.” Brady said. “I needed to make an important change in my life in order to say that I couldn’t perform all the things I had planned to do in football the way I did in the past. I have to manage things within my family since my family’s situation was not ideal. We were not happy with our relationship.”

The month of August was when Brady was forced to take an 11-day break from the Buccaneers in the pre-season which he later clarified was due to personal reasons.

“It’s everything private,” Brady said. “You know that everyone is dealing with different issues. having to deal with, and we all face different challenges to face in life. It’s true. I’m 45, man. There’s a lot ofthings going on. Therefore, you’ve got to work out how to navigate life to the best of your ability. It’s an ongoing process.”



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