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Stars of ‘American Idol” mourn the loss of Willie Spence, 23 years old

Willie Spence was a 23-year old singer who won over judges and viewers of ‘American Idol with his powerful voice. He died Tuesday after a car accident.

According to the Deseret News, Willie Spence was a 23-year old singer who won over “American Idol” judges last year with his powerful voice. He died Tuesday in a car accident.

Soon after the news broke, social media began to flood with tributes to Spence.

Willie Spence’s ‘American Idol” tributes

Luke Bryan, judge on “American Idol”, told Spence that he was “going save people’s lifes” with his voice and said Spence would be “truly missed.”

Bryan posted a tweet stating that Willie truly lit up every room he entered. “He could instantly change the mood when he began singing. He will be truly missed.”

People reported that Spence performed “The Prayer”, a song he wrote with Katharine McPhee (former “Idol”), during his time on the show. This led Lionel Richie, “Idol”, to refer to Spence as “Willie Pavarotti.”

“Only 23 years of age. According to People, McPhee posted on Instagram that life is so unfair and that nothing can ever be promised. Willie, God rest your soul. It was an honor to sing with you, and to get to know you.”

Spence was runner-up in Season 19 of American Idol to Chayce Beckham, a singer-songwriter. Spence shared a long post on how he got to know him during “American Idol.”

Beckham posted a message on Instagram, “It’s difficult to find the words to express my love for Willie.” He was a sweet, kind soul and a beacon of light in a dark and cold world that desperately needed him. It was a powerful voice that could shake the room when Willie sang. Willie was gifted with a voice by God, and his gospel singing could make you weep.

Willie had a smile that made you laugh, a genuine humor that you couldn’t resist and the most heartfelt personality you could ever imagine. I enjoyed being around his larger-than-life energy and loved being with him. … I cannot wait to sing with your in Paradise where I know that I will see you again. Rest in Peace, brother.

Grace Kinstler, third place on “Idol”, also gave a tribute to her fellow competitor.

“Willie! I’m sorry that I don’t know of any more poetic words for you right now. Kinstler posted the following Instagram message: “It doesn’t feel real.” Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us all that authenticity and being 100% authentic is the best way to be true to ourselves. Your laugh, your expression when you were uncomfortable or didn’t like something, and, most importantly, the smiles that you put on the faces of everyone in the room as soon as you entered it. Rest easy, my friend. I love you a lot.

Willie Spence in ‘American Idol.

Katy Perry, judge of “American Idol”, asked Spence where he would like to be in five-years during Spence’s audition.

Spence replied, “I just want to have my voice heard and share my gift.” “Hopefully I win a Grammy, that’s where my vision of myself is in five years.” … It will take hard work but I feel like it is possible.

Spence’s audition on “American Idol”, has been viewed nearly 4 million times.

Bryan stated that Bryan will always cherish the moments he saw Spence perform, as reported by the Deseret News. “I will never forget the time I had to listen to you sing. It’s an amazing experience, week after week. I don’t want this to end.”

Here are some of Spence’s best performances on “American Idol.”



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