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Sean McVay stays with LA Rams as a coach

LOS ANGELES — Sean McVay will return to the Los Angeles Rams for a seventh season after taking a break from contemplating his future after the first loss of his career.

After his Rams’ 5-12 record season, the youngest ever head coach of an NFL team to win the Super Bowl, he decided to stay on the job. In a tweet, the Rams confirmed their decision.

McVay turns 37 this month. He became the youngest head coach of modern NFL history six-years ago. McVay’s entire coaching career was precocious. However, he chose not to retire early.

McVay will continue to support the Rams in their lowest point of his tenure, despite a year of mental fatigue and stress. McVay’s innovative offensive mind, which is a hallmark of the Rams, has spoken often about his desire to get into broadcasting. However this was not about him weighing whether he would like to make a move to the booth.

McVay admitted to a near constant feeling of burnout at the end of his last few seasons even though his coaching fortunes were booming. McVay was 67-41 with Rams, which racked up five wins seasons, four playoff berths and two Super Bowl appearances.

McVay, still the NFL’s youngest coach, was still in the title after six seasons. However, the job is a heavy one for a coach who laments the obsessive work habits of his team and inability to delegate. In recent weeks, McVay has repeatedly spoken out about his frustration and exhaustion during this difficult season. He also spoke about the mental stress of his grandfather’s passing and his concerns about his family in Ukraine.

McVay stated Monday that Tom Brady once said a line about how he hopes his children can find something they are as passionate about than football. But he wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone else.

McVay became a household name after the Rams beat Cincinnati at their home stadium last February to win their second Super Bowl title. He also landed endorsement deals, including a series national TV commercials. McVay also received a new contract with the Rams, which reportedly made him one the highest-paid coaches in North American sport.

McVay stated Monday that he would think through his decision rather than following his instinctive impulses. However, he allowed his assistant coaches to search for new jobs this week.

McVay refuted speculation that he was considering leaving because of the work required to bring the Rams back to contention. McVay stated that even though the Rams haven’t received their first-round pick, he believes they don’t need to rebuild the team. Stafford, Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, and star cornerback Jalen Ramsay are all expected to return healthy for 2023.

Los Angeles hopes to have Aaron Donald, a seven-time All-Pro defensive lineman. He hasn’t yet said what he will do after missing six games this season due to a sprained foot. Donald, who will turn 32 in the fall after winning his first ring, had strongly considered retiring last year.

McVay’s success was a magnet for the rest of the NFL, especially after leading the Rams to a Super Bowl defeat against New England in his second season as a coach.



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