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Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra brings a large camera to an existing phone. And you can order it now

The month of February is upon us and just like clockwork there’s a massive new Samsung phone for those who are fond of big screens , and larger cameras. This is, of course of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra — Samsung’s latest flagship that’s made to provide the very top of the line for people who can spend more than $1000 for their next handset.

The S23 Ultra appears to be an uninspiring upgrade at first glance, but it packs an improved processor as well as new features that are quality-of-life into an old style. But when you consider the truly absurd photography arrangement (at minimum with papers) and some fascinating software techniques and features, this Galaxy S23 Ultra could end as the latest top-of-the-line phone for serious photographers and multitaskers.

Do you want to know if you should spend your cash for the preorder option? We’ll tell you what we think of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra after getting the device for a short time.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is available for pre-orders beginning at $1200 for storage of 256GB, and comes in the colors from Phantom Black, Cream, green or Lavender and is scheduled to arrive on February. 17. Through February. 16, purchasing through Samsung will grant you an upgrade into the following storage level (so you can upgrade from 256GB up to 512GB or 512GB up to 1TB) for no cost, and also $100 Samsung credit and up to $150 when you purchase using an exclusive deal.

Shoppers who visit Best Buy can save up to $780 on the Galaxy S23 series, and could receive up to a hundred dollars Best Buy gift card.

If you buy it through Verizon and you are a Verizon customer, you can save up to $800 off of the S23 Ultra when you make a trade-in to the 5G Unlimited planin addition to receiving a complimentary Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Making a purchase through Verizon will also grant you a free upgrade to storage or switch to other carriers will receive a complimentary 200 Verizon eCard.

AT&T offers similar promotions, promising an additional $1,000 off of for the S23 Ultra with a valid trade-in, and a free storage upgrade for those who pre-order. It’s also possible to avail AT&T’s cloud storage service with your new smartphone for just $20 per month.



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