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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers exits loss to Eagles because of a an injury to his ribs

PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia Aaron Rodgers rib injury, hopeless playoff prospects along with Jordan Love. Jordan Love factor.

The Green Bay Packers were left to handle it all when they left town on Sunday night.

Rodgers left Green Bay’s loss of 40-33 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the third quarter, suffering from what the quarterback later said was a rib injury as well as initially a fear of a lung puncture.

Rodgers was suffering enough following this game — which was the Packers suffered their seventh loss in their last eight gamesand a team employee took Rodgers luggage out of the changing room of Lincoln Financial Field.

Then it was up to Love to play the final contest — and almost get for the Packers to victory more than 15 years after the fact when Rodgers took over for Brett Favre who was injured on November. 29th, 2007 at Dallas and nearly exactly the same thing.

Both backup quarterbacks were unable to make it in the end, with Love not getting a chance at a tie-breaking drive since the Packers defense was unable to come to the ball in the closing minute. Although Rodgers his fill-in duties in his third season as a backup quarterback was an indication of his readiness to take over Favre’s place however, nobody was ready to claim that Love was the same on game on Sunday. However, it was the most impressive display in all three NFL seasons and left a lot of questions regarding whether he was ready to close with the season.

Rodgers did not want to concede anything or even the next game against Chicago. Chicago Bears.

“As as I can check out well tomorrow, I’m hoping to be playing this next weekend,”” Rodgers said Sunday night. The doctor will conduct a second scan of his ribs on Monday.

The player was examined X-rayed in the stadium, but he the doctor said the X-rays were “hard to determine on scans” to determine if he suffered any fractured ribs. He claimed two plays one in the second quarter , when he was hit and fell on his back, then the third quarter’s sack that was a combination of Haason Reddick as well as Brandon Graham — caused the issue.

When he announced it, Rodgers had just led an attack that culminated in an Packers field goal that cut down the Eagles’ advantage to 33-23 with just 2:03 to go in the final third period. Rodgers appeared to be suffering from discomfort on the drive, and then ran to the locker room along with some of the medical staff.

“Just was experiencing difficulty breathing and bending my head,” Rodgers said. “I was concerned about a ruptured lung too, and so I decided to have that evaluated.”

The X-rays revealed Rodgers had no lung puncture.

“I knew the player was in some discomfort,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur stated. “This guy is among the most toughest people I’ve ever seen and I’m not going to think about his strength, his determination to compete and his determination to be competitive. Actually the guy apologized to me and I said”Don’t ever apologize in front of me.’ And I’ll never doubt the apology.”

In the last week, Rodgers revealed the thumb injury he’s been playing through since week 5 actually an injury to a bone. Rodgers claimed after the game that surgery to his thumb wouldn’t be needed soon or later in the season. He also even said the injury would be “definitely better than the week before.”

Rodgers finished 11-of-16 passes, gaining 140 yards, with two touchdowns prior to leaving the field. He also intercepted two of his teammates in the first half twice in just four weeks. He also had two interceptions in the first quarter in Green Bay’s week 9 defeat against Detroit. The total of interceptions climbed in the regular season up to 9. It’s the highest number he’s had in a single season since the 2010 season (when the total was 11).

Love The Packers 2020 first-rounder and possibly the heir apparent of Rodgers was in the game with 11:11 remaining at the end of the fourth period, and the Packers were trailing by 37-23. He threw a 63-yard touchdown in a catch-and-run game for the rookie wide receiver Christian Watson with 9 minutes left , making the game a one-score affair. He was the driving force behind another one that culminated by scoring a field goal with 1:08 remaining.

At this moment it was clear that the Packers were left with all three of their timeouts and Love believed he could get another chance to score. As with throughout the game long, the Eagles were able to finish the timer. They ran to 363 yards (157 from quarterback Jalen Hurts and 143 from Miles Sanders, the running back Miles Sanders), the largest number of rushing yards that the Packers have given up in the game since 1977.

Love completed 6-of-9 passes for 113 yards. each of his plays resulted in points for Packers. They hadn’t converted third-downs until Love struck Allen Lazard for 7 yards at third-and-5 from their 30 yard line. The subsequent play Love was able to pass a short slant in to Watson who converted into an 63-yard touchdown.

Rodgers denied any notion of shutting down the team during the season — at least for as it is possible that the Packers remain in the hunt for a chance of making the playoffs. At 4-8, the Packers are technically in the hunt however ESPN Analytics gives the Packers only a 2% chance to make the playoffs.

“We’ve got to beat all five teams and most likely require a little helping hand,” Rodgers said.

What will happen in the event that the Packers are removed from playoff contention, Rodgers said: “There’s clearly a variety of other conversations that will be triggered when you’re eliminated. I’ll be willing to participate in all of those conversations. The word “pride” is a thought that comes to the mind. The love of the sport. There are other elements that would have to be considered when we are removed mathematically.”

One of them Of course, is Love.

“Obviously I would like to be playing on playing field but it is as it will be,” Love said. “The hardest part is trying to remain mentally ready and remain at the forefront because you never think about what you might get into.

“I simply go out and try to get the most out of the chance. Who knows what will happen in the near future? So long as I try my best and take advantage of my opportunities, who can tell what will happen?”



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