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New ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Trailer Showcases A Clear ‘Elden Ring’ GOTY Competitor

New 'God Of War Ragnarok' Trailer Showcases A Clear 'Elden Ring' GOTY Competitor

New ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Trailer Showcases A Clear ‘Elden Ring’ GOTY Competitor: Although I’m as skeptical about lightning striking twice as everyone else would be, I must saythat everything I’ve seen in God of War Ragnarok indicates to me that Sony Santa Monica may just make it happen again and create an excellent follow-up to the game that I think is the greatest single-player game from the previous generation.

It’s possible that we have a race on feet with regards to Game of the Year 2022 despite Elden Ring’s obvious place as the frontrunner which hasn’t been challenged since the start of the season in February.

Yesterday saw the focus of Japan in Sony PlayStation State of Play however, it concluded with the most impressive trailerwe’ve had from God of War yet, packed with iconic images (the moon chasing wolves) and some great phrases (“Death is a possibility to me as long as it’s earned”).

New ‘God Of War Ragnarok’ Trailer Showcases A Clear ‘Elden Ring’ GOTY Competitor

It also appears that the trailer was designed to show the most footage possible to distinguish this game from the previous one along with the (very ridiculous) statement that Ragnarok is merely “DLC” to the original game, not a complete sequel. This is just nonsense from console wars and it’s evident that Ragnarok is going to be stunning and we’ve got no better idea of it than this stunning trailer.

If I were to say whether God of War Ragnarok or Elden Ring will take home the GOTY award from many media outlets (and I’m guessing that the only most important one which “matters” currently will be The Game Awards), it’s a bit of a mystery. It’s possible to make something of the same quality as the original game, however the nature of being a sequel means it has to surpass and above the original game to be able to attract the same level of praise and attention. Elden Ring, meanwhile, is a soaring success in sales and a instant classic IP and an incredible achievement from one of the top creators in the world. It’s going to be difficult to beat.

The correct answer is “everyone is a winner.” Although the past year has seen a light year overall , with so many delays due to pandemics and delays, the reality there is a chance that Elden Ring and Ragnarok will arrive this year is a feat by its own. It was originally thought to be a three-way race against Xbox’s Starfield however, it was postponed until 2023, and it is expected that it’ll be the frontrunner for GOTY If the past Fallout as well as Elder Scrolls entries from Bethesda are any indicator. Although, since it’s a completely new IP, it’s making lots of assumptions.

I am awestruck I am awestruck that Sony Santa Monica did not need to launch God of War Ragnarok with another delay. However, I’m guessing it already was delayed for a year with the jolly notion that it was initially planned to come out in 2021, but no person believed. However I would have made money assuming that Starfield which has a well-publicized holiday date of 2022 will be delayed, but Ragnarok was not when all was done and dusted. Only two months left…



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