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Nancy Pelosi is stepping down as the leader of the Democratic Party. Who will succeed her?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday her intention to step down from the party’s leadership but remain in the House, representing San Francisco. All eyes are now on the vacant position as House minority leader, and who could be the next person to fill in.

“I would like to see that the next president will be one who is aware of the beauty and the brilliance of our diverse nation. I loved how she spoke about women’s leadership roles in her speech. I enjoyed her mention of that the diverse nature of her coming cohort,” said New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, refers to an address Pelosi delivered earlier during the day. “And another aspect in her speech was that it was about coming together. This is what I hope the next speaker will do.”

A few rank-and-file Democrats have been calling for a change within the current list of leaders, and a new generation to succeed Pelosi aged 82 who has been the leader of the caucus for twenty years, as well the present House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer D-MD. and Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. Both are both in their 80s.

Speaker Pelosi announces that she will retire as the party’s leader after nearly two years at the top.

Pelosi isn’t the sole one to leave. Hoyer has announced that he will not run for an elected position as a leader for this year’s 118th Congress.

“I think it’s about time for new leadership, and I believe there are great opportunities. In all honesty, I believe I have the potential to be elected, and that wasn’t the question,” Hoyer said. “I believe it’s important for a party to be able to boast fresh blood and new energy enthusiasm, as well as new ideas.”

House Democrats are scheduled to hold elections for leadership at the close of the month. announcements from members about an election are likely to be forthcoming.

Here’s the people to keep an eye on:

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, 52, has been widely thought to be the next to be elected should Pelosi quit. Jeffries has been Chair of the Democratic caucus from 2019 onwards. He was the impeachment coordinator in the impeachment trial for the former president Donald Trump and would be the chamber’s first Black Democratic leader, if elected. Both Jeffries as well as the Senate Democratic leader are from Brooklyn and Jeffries is famous for quoting the well-known Brooklynite rapper, known as the Notorious B.I.G., in his floor speeches.

Hoyer sent a note addressed to Democratic lawmakers on Thursday, announcing his support for Jeffries to run for the minority leader.

Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, aged 59, is likely to be a formidable candidate to become an upcoming minority whip. Clark has been the an assistant speaker during the current Congress and was working alongside Pelosi for the last two years as women in the party leadership.

Rep. Pete Aguilar of California 43, is likely to be a candidate for the caucus chair position -the position that is Jeffries who is in his current position. Aguilar is currently serving in the position of Democratic Caucus Vice Chair, is the highest-ranking Latino within Congress and was made more prominent in the House select committee that was investigating what happened in the January. 6 , attack at the Capitol.

Jim Clyburn also issued a statement that generally endorsed the three candidates, but Jim Clyburn hasn’t yet revealed whether or not he will be going to rerun.

Representatives. Ami Bera and Tony Cardenas Both of them, from California are already announcing campaigns to head for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democrats’ political arm for the election of 2024. The DCCC’s former chairperson, New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, lost his bid to the reelection.



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