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Mike Pence snatching top Nikki Haley staffer, as rivalry heats

Mike Pence has appointed one of Nikki Haley’s top advisors to help the former Trump administration colleagues think about joining their boss and entering the 2024 presidential election race.

Tim Chapman is the former executive director at Haley’s Stand for America non-profit political organization. He will now be a senior advisor to the former vice president’s Advancing American Freedom nonprofit political nonprofit.

Chapman stated that she was grateful for the opportunity to work with Nikki Haley, and her dedicated team in a statement obtained from Politico. “Advancing American Freedom, one of the most influential and fastest-growing conservative groups in America, is a great place to be a leader in common-sense conservative policies that will restore America.”

Pence stated Friday that Chapman is a “hilarious” prospect.

Pence stated in a statement that Tim Chapman was “one of the brightest stars of the conservative movement” and that he is joining the team to promote American culture, American opportunity and American leadership.

This move comes just a day after Haley (the former US ambassador to UN) hinted in an interview with Fox News’ Brett Baier, that she is close to announcing her plans to launch a 2024 presidential race.

“So, do you think I could be that leader?” Yes. We are still working on things and will get it right. I have never lost any race. That was what I said back then. That is still what I say today. I won’t lose. Keep watching,” Haley said to Baier on Thursday.

“We are leaning in. She added that we are all leaning in in a big way.

Chapman’s departure from Haley’s camp comes just a day after The Guardian published an excerpt of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s book in which he accuses Haley of conspiring with Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Pence to get rid of Pence and make Trump the No. 2.

Pompeo writes that Kelly, the former White House chief of staff, could not tell them they were offering a possible “Haley for Vice-President” option.

Haley denied the accusations on Thursday, and described it as “gossip.”

Pence indicated last month that he was only considering running for president, rather than the open Senate seat from his home state.

Fox News’ 63-year old said that if the time came for us to stand up to serve the American people, it would be to use all our experience and run for the national office.

He said, “But I’m always humbled by being asked.” “I was asked by someone the other day if I had ever considered running for president. I replied, “No more than any other child that grew up in a cornfield in their backyard.”

In November, he also suggested to ABC News that he was thinking about a run for the White House in 2024. He said that he would talk with his family about the possibility over the holidays.

It is not clear what role Chapman would have in a possible 2024 Pence presidential campaign.

In December, a Yahoo News/YouGov poll found Haley to be tied with Pence in terms of 2024 Presidential Support. Both were favored by 5% Republicans and GOP-leaning Independents.

According to the same poll, Florida Governor. With 47% support, Ron DeSantis is leading Republican candidates. Former President Donald Trump was second with 42% support.

Trump, at 76, has been declared the 2024 GOP presidential candidate.



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