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Mexican judiciary judge is killed the state of Zacatecas

MEXICO CITY, Dec 4 (Reuters) A Mexican judge was killed on Sunday, after being shot in the Zacatecas state. Zacatecas located in northwestern Mexico According to government sources in the state.

Judge Roberto Elias died Sunday, according to a source from the state government and posts on social media by Arturo Nahle, presiding magistrate of the Zacatecas justice department. Nahle has called for the peace of Zacatecas.

Zacatecas is now one of the regions with the highest violence of Mexico because of conflicts with organized crime groups to gain control over the state.

The leader of the National Guard in the state is one of the most high-ranking officers of Mexico’s police force that is militarized was killed earlier this month in a clash with men armed in an operation to combat organized criminals.

The security department of the state informed Reuters that the police responded at reports of shots fired early Saturday morning, and found Elias wounded in his car. The injured man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.



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