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Margot Robbie was close to quitting acting due to her struggles with ‘Wolf Of Wall Street fame

Being famous isn’t an effortless feat. Just look up Margot Robbie.

The Aussie actress who is 32 was launched into the spotlight following her appearance in the cult movie of 2013 “The Wolf of Wall Street” where she played alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill as well as Matthew McConaughey.

For the movie, Robbie played Naomi Lapaglia the character played by DiCaprio, Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife who is his second.

Although she was praised as she became one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood However, her success was not without a major drawback that was fame.

“Something was going on at the beginning of the process and it was pretty horrible,” Robbie told Vanity Fair.

“I remember telling my mother”I don’t believe I’m going doing this. Then she stared at me, totally straight-facedand said”Darling, it’s way too late to not do it. Then I realized that the only way was to move forward.”

The actress admitted that adapting to the intrusive paparazzi was something she needed to master.

“I am a pro at getting through airports, and I’m aware who’s trying make me feel uncomfortable in what manners,” she said.

“If my mom is killed in a car crash because you wanted to take a picture of me at the grocery store or you hit my nephew on an unicycle and ask him to pay for it? To take a picture? It’s a risk, but there’s nothing that feels like it’s changing.”

While Robbie has come up with ways to manage her massive popularity — like the removal of all her social media accounts she has admitted that she’s still insecure.

“The way I attempt to explain my joband this world to people is to say that the highs are very high and the lows are extremely low. If you’re lucky, everything is balanced at between,” she added.



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