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Live Streaming: Andrew Tabiti vs James Wilson Boxing Heavyweight

Watch Andrew Tabiti vs James Wilson Boxing Heavyweight Live Streaming

Andrew Tabiti vs. James Wilson Stats : Age, Height and Weight, Reach, Net Worth. Record and More

Andrew Tabiti and James Wilson will be facing off in a heavyweight fight scheduled for eight rounds. It will take place at the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), on Saturday, August 20th. This will be Tabiti’s 21st fight, but Wilson’s 9th. Here are the stats and other numbers to help you understand the two fighters ahead of the big fight.

Andrew Tabiti will face James Wilson on the undercard fight of Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Uzyk II. There is also anticipation about their bout.

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Let’s take a look at the statistics for Wilson and Tabiti.

Andrew Tabiti vs. James Wilson: Physical characteristics

Tabiti, at 32 years of age, is an orthodox fighter. He is 6’1” tall and goes by the alias “Beast”. Tabiti fights in the cruiserweight division. His reach is 76 1/2 inches/ 194 cm. Tabiti has fought in 20 bouts, and 93 rounds. His professional record includes 19 wins, 1 loss and 0 draws. 15 – that’s 75% of his wins come via knockout. He lost his last fight in May to Shamarian Snider. This bout was won by TKO.

James Wilson, a heavyweight boxer and alias “The Beast”, stands firm in the corner. He is 6′ 0″ tall, which is a difference from Tabiti. He has only had 8 bouts so far and thus, just 25 rounds. His professional record is 7 wins, 0 losses and 1 draw. Another remarkable similarity is that 75% of his wins were also won by a player.



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