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Letters to Sports: Sean McVay is returning, but should he return?

Sean McVay’s decision to return to coaching the Rams is a good sign. He should not be regarded as an elite coach but as someone closer to the bottom of the coaching heap.

He and his owners decided to buy another Super Bowl after they lost one. He bought a young quarterback (Jared Goff), and he almost destroyed him. Then he went to Detroit to purchase the best team money could buy.

They won the Super Bowl. What now? What are they left with? They have an old bunch of veterans, no picks for the future, and a coach who seems to not know how to develop young players.

Take a look at Doug Pederson, Jacksonville. He has done a lot with a lot of unknowns. It’s a lot better than the pathetic Rams.

Goff is thriving in Detroit. McVay can continue his merryway, leaving the Rams in ruin.

Anne Beaty

Los Angeles

McVay’s departure is likely to be discussed. However, it’s possible that McVay has already been referred to as a “sinking vessel.” This raises the question: What’s next year’s over/under for Ram victories? I think 5, the same as last year, and honestly don’t know where to go.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles

Many people believed that McVay, at 30, was too young to become a head coach in NFL. He is 36 years old and too young for a sabbatical. He has a greater challenge ahead of him and should return to the Rams next year to prove that he is a great head coach.

Vaughn Hardenberg


Five words for McVay – What would Vince Lombardi do in his place?

David George


It was too bad that the Rams lost against Seattle. It would have been great to see Jared Goff, and the Lions reach the playoffs.

Dave Thoma


McVay is always praised for being one of the best coaches. McVay won the Super Bowl, but Don McCafferty was just as successful. This year, the Rams’ mantra was “Run It Back.” And they did.

Ruben Hernandez

El Monte

Cotton Bowl repeat

It is smart to place bets on sports. You would lose if you were to take TCU against someone who was willing to give you only 57 points.

Bruce Janger

Santa Monica

As a casual fan, I was enthralled by Georgia’s victory over Texas Christian University in the national championship. What was the turnoff? All around, postgame cigars. Numerous teenage boys went out hunting for cigarettes this week after seeing the University of Georgia footballers enjoying their postgame cigars. Many of these boys will become addicted to tobacco and eventually die. Who thought it was a good idea to give the stogies a try? What happened to role models for sports stars?

Tad Daley

Los Angeles

Blame it on the Grinch

While Lincoln Riley’s loyalty is admirable, it is not justified. Grinch was given passes for the Utah loss in the regular season and the Pac-12 title game disaster. The Cotton Bowl failure in Dallas should have been Grinch’s Waterloo. It was inexplicable that Tulane’s poor quarterback failed to stop him on two long fourth downs on the last drive. This turned Michael Pratt into Vince Young.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles

Fans forget Clay Helton’s frustrating tenure and the lack of talent Lincoln Riley inherited his first year as the team’s leader. It is not wise to complain about defensive weaknesses after the amazing turnaround Riley orchestrated. Let him have time to reflect on the lessons he learned from both his Oklahoma and USC defensive woes. A record of 11-3 in his first year is not something to be ashamed of.

Ken Blake


Blue on the face

It’s amazing to me how Stan Kasten can boast about the Dodgers being the most attended team in baseball, but then refuses to sign anyone to avoid paying the luxury tax. Fans will have to pay a premium for a better product. This is the only luxury tax.

Debra Steinberg

Corona del Mar

I was wrong. I was wrong. They would think that fans will be forgiving if Trevor Bauer produces. They don’t have the courage to do so.

Jeff Heister


Dylan Hernandez, a sports columnist at The Times, is a man you can love or hate, but he’s a fearless writer.

Stan Kasten calling Mark Walter a coward and Mark Walter shameless will not win him access to the Dodgers. He calls it as he sees it.

Keep up the good work, sir.

Mike McNiff

Costa Mesa

Pushing around

Is it the NFL (National Rugby League), or the NRL? To gain, the NFL should ban players from pushing a running back/quarterback across a line. The offensive line should be responsible to move the defensive line back enough that the running back/quarterback can make a first down. They shouldn’t have to push them 900 pounds.

Russell Morgan


Is there any coverage of golf?

Nearly 10% of the population plays or watches golf. It is broadcast by NBC, CBS and TNT as well as Fox, ESPN, Fox, Fox, Fox, and the Golf Channel. The Times “departs” it usually by one to two inches, hiding it in its miscellaneous The Day in Sports. Even though pro tournaments are played almost every week, there is no commentary, no leaderboard and no mention of the top players. Golf fans are almost ignored.

Sandy Wilk


Warrior’s farewell

Charles White was a soldier, well worth the admission price, one tough character Mr. Student Body right/left and Heisman role model. Heisman is forever enshrined at the peristyle. My favorite USC football player. R.I.P.

David Marshall

Santa Monica

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