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John Aniston, ‘Days of Our Lives’ star and Jennifer Aniston’s father has died at 89.

John Aniston, a veteran actor who was known for his role in”Daytime” and “Days of our Lives” has passed away, his daughter actor Jennifer Aniston, shared on Monday.

He was 89.

“You were among the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever seen. I am so thankful for the fact that you were able to ascend into the heavens peacefully and pain free. On 11/11, no less! You’ve always had impeccable timing.” Jennifer Aniston wrote in a post posted on Instagram. “That number will never cease to be a source of inspiration for me today.”

“Friends” star wrote “Friends” star started her post with “Sweet Papa… John Anthony Aniston.”

The actor was a part of numerous TV series , including more than 3000 episodes on “Days of our Lives” throughout his lengthy career.

“I’ll cherish you to at the very end,” Aniston concluded her caption. “Don’t forget to stop by.”

Aniston was born John Anastassakis on the Greek island of Crete in the year 1933. The family moved to the US at the age of 10 and his family reduced their name to Aniston.

Before becoming an soap-star, Aniston served in the US Navy and appeared in an off-Broadway musical Soap Opera Digest reported.

He made his breakthrough after he was cast on”Love of Life,” a long-running show “Love of Life” and then “Search for Tomorrow.” However, he did not be a household name until he appeared on “Days of Our lives” in 1985, playing “romantic character” Victor Kiriakis, a criminal who is fond of captivating women from Salem, Illinois.

Kirakis Like Aniston is from Greece however, he was far more sinister. Kirakis was an infamous mobster and operated a prostitution ring in the town. Through time in the show, Kiriakis experienced several changes of heart , and was a constant switcher between his criminal gangster character and a loving family man hoping to bring back his children of adulthood. In all, Aniston appeared on the show on and off over the course of 37 years.

While working in soaps, Aniston opened an eatery at New York, divorced his first wife, Nancy Dow, and was married to co-star Sherry Rooney before moving from New York to Los Angeles, according to an article from 1986 in the Soap Opera Digest profile of Aniston.

Aniston was shocked when his daughter was planning to join him in show business. In a interview in 2019, in the Television Academy Foundation, Aniston admitted that he learned that his daughter was reaching out to his agent for auditions when he was as a guest on “Search for Tomorrow.”

“I told herthat you do not want to be in show business. Show business is a sham and it’s not a good business,'” he said. “I to everyone who would like to become an actor, do not be an actor. become something else. Since if saying (them) not to get clear of the show business will stop them from doing so then they shouldn’t even be in it in the first place.”

The daughter of Aniston didn’t take it in, and she went on to appear as one of the more popular sitcoms of all time and eventually becoming an extremely well-known actors in the world.

In a 1990 interview on E! News along with his daughter, Aniston provided both fatherly praise and stern guidance: “Jennifer is a natural talent,” he said to his daughter’s astonishment and reassured that talent does not always lead to a successful career.

However, his own time in soaps lasted over 50 years. In June, he won an Lifetime Achievement Emmy at the Daytime Emmy Awards. He was not present at the ceremony and his daughter thanked his memory in a touching speech.

“For more than 30 years his commitment towards (“Days”)”Days” has earned his respect and admiration from his co-stars as well as deep friendships, and thrilled millions of fans across the globe,” she said. “His career is the definition of success over time.”



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