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Jerry Lee Lewis still alive even though there are reports of his demise

Legendary country and rock star Lewis is now 87 and is apparently alive and healthy in Memphis

The rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive despite reports contrary to what Entertainment Weekly reports. A representative of Lewis who is currently (still) at 87, released an official statement today that contradicts the earlier report by TMZ who claimed that he died on the day of his funeral. TMZ apologized for the inaccurate report.

Lewis was struck by a stroke in the year 2019. He was said to be feeling positive about his healing a year later when he announced an album of gospel music. This year, he received a prestigious honor with a place in the Country Music Hall Of Fame but he did not attend the ceremony based on the recommendation of his medical doctors. He also was the star of a documentary called Trouble In Mind, from director Ethan Coen, which came out earlier in the year. 2022: A lot greater Jerry Lee Lewis content than you’d expect!

Lewis was a key player in the mainstream sound of rock throughout the 1950s. His chart production included groundbreaking hits like “Whole A Lotta Shakin’ Going” as well as “Great Balls of fire.” The career of Lewis was severely hampered during the latter half of the decade the truth was finally revealed that he was married to his cousin who was 13 years old, Myra Gale Brown. The 1960s were not an unproductive time for Lewis in large part because of the scandal that followed but he returned as a star of the country music scene performing regularly with songs such as “Would You Take a Second Chance on Me.” Lewis has been awarded many Grammys as well as an Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Academy’s Hall Of Fame, and despite the private scandals acknowledged as one of the founders of rock ‘n’ roll.

Lee’s publicist Zach Farnum, said that TMZ was deceived today through “an anonymous tip” confirms of Lee his claim that “he’s living” at Memphis in an announcement.



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