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Jennifer Aniston speaks out about her failed IVF and declares she has no regrets

Jennifer Aniston has opened up about her unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, revealing that she is adamant that “zero regrets” regarding a challenging time during her lifetime.

Interviewing reporter Danielle Pergament for an Allure magazine feature, Aniston recounted how she had “gone through some really tough stuff” during her 30s and early 40s, but it helped shape her into the person she is today.

“That’s why I have so much gratitude for all of those things. Without them, I’d have been stuck with this person who was scared and anxious, uncertain of what they really were” she added. “And today I don’t care.”

Aniston continued to explain that she was talking about an ovulatory period during which she was trying to become pregnant.

“All the years decades in speculation… The process was difficult. I was experiencing IVF and drinking Chinese teas You can name it. The whole world was at my feet.” Aniston said.

“I would’ve done everything if someone told me to freeze your eggs. Do yourself an favor. Don’t believe it. Today, I’m here. The ship is now sailing.”

But, Aniston said it’s good to finally feel some closure.

“I am not regretful,” she said. “I really feel a bit of relief right now, because there’s no longer the question, “Can I? Maybe. Maybe. Perhaps.”I don’t need to think about it anymore.”

In the following interview, Aniston talked about her divorce from Justin Theroux back in 2018and also spoke about speculation that the couple ended their relationship due to the fact that she “wouldn’t have a child with him.”

“It was a complete lie,” she said. “I do not have any reason to conceal at this moment.”

Pergament asked Aniston whether she’d like to marry once more.

“Never ever say “never,” but I do not have any interestin anything,” she added. “I’d like to be in a relationship. It’s hard to say. There are times when I want to crawl into the ball and say”I need help. It would be amazing to get home and sink into someone’s arms, and say, “That was a difficult day..'”

Aniston was also candid about her dislike for social media, saying that she just joined Instagram to promote the LolaVie Haircare brand.

“I hate social media. I’m not a pro in it.” the woman said. This, even though Instagram crashed when she first opened an account after numerous users attempted to join her.

“It’s an absolute torture for me. The reason I joined Instagram was to start this campaign,” she said. “Then the pandemic hit , and we were unable to launch. Then I was forced to be on Instagram. It’s not something that comes naturally.”



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