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Jay Leno recovering from burn injuries

  • Jay Leno is recovering from burn injuries incurred in an incident with gasoline as per a statement from the hospital in which the actor is receiving treatment.
  • Aimee Bennett, who is a spokesperson for the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles Aimee Bennett, a spokesperson at the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, informed CNN she was told that Leno was stable being treated for “burns that he sustained to his hands and face after a car accident at his garage during this weekend.”
  • “He is jovial and is moved by all inquiries regarding his condition and best wishes” it said in the release. “He is eager to let people that he’s doing great and is at ‘the top burned center’ within the United States.'”
  • Leno the avid car enthusiast was at work on one of the cars inside his garage, when it ignited.
  • “I had severe burns from a gas fire. I’m okay. I just need an extra week or two to recover,” the former “The Tonight Show” host revealed to Variety.
  • Leno 72-year-old Leno has had to cancel his appearance in The Financial Brand Forum conference in Las Vegas on Sunday, according to a report from People reporting on organizers.
  • “His family members were unable to provide us with any specifics, however there was a serious medical issue that has prevented Jay from travelling,” an email to conference attendees that was discovered by the publication. “All we are aware of is that he’s alive and our thoughts are with his family and friends this evening.”
  • The conference had announced Leno as an exclusive performance for the event’s opening night. who bought a gold ticket to attend the event.


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